Internet Marketing’s Next "Action Hero" – Sterling Valentine

Sterling Valentine has launched himself onto the Internet Marketing scene with a little help from some partners, joint venture partners that is.

Prior to his new product launch of JV Formula, Sterling had a picture of a case of Ramen noodles, along with his cat next to it. The caption read, “Even my cat looks skinny.”

This goes to show Internet Marketers may face sacrifice and struggles when starting their Internet Marketing business, or any business for that matter.

Most Internet Marketing newbies, experts, gurus, entrepreneurs, and small business owners have flocked to Sterling Valentine. All seem to have made a connection with him. This is probably why Sterling attracted so many top-level Internet Marketing joint venture partners.

There are too many “talkers” and not enough “doers” in this world, especially online internet marketing. They talk about this, that, and the other thing, but that’s all they do – talk! These same people complain about why nothing works for them, or how they’ve made very little, or no income online.

From zero, to Internet “action hero”, Sterling Valentine shines in the Internet Marketing world.

Working tirelessly over the past 90 days, losing 7 lbs. from poor eating habits, putting in countless 30 hour days, and even being hospitalized when his body couldn’t keep up the pace!

Action was the key. Sterling took action to a whole new level.

Why is Sterling Valentine billed as Internet Marketing’s Next Action Hero?

– for getting back up every time he was knocked down.

– for dealing with any adversity thrown his way.

– for not burying his head in the sand after a perceived “defeat”.

– for being creative and finding a different fresh approach.

– for being genuine and giving.

– for absolutely refusing to give up.

– for having faith that he would succeed.

– for taking action, repeatedly, until he reached his internet marketing goals.

Sterling Valentine is truly a one-of-a-kind person. He conceived, believed, and achieved his goal with launching his very first Internet information product, JV Formula.

Internet Marketers can learn some great things from studying Sterling’s success in his first successful Internet Marketing venture.


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