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Is The Gaming Industry a Good Career Path For Creative People?

If you have a distinctive flair for the creative and want a career that not only firmly allows you use it, but a sector that needs it, then a career in the design of video and/or online games could be the one for you!

Yes, it’s not easy (let’s be fair, if it was, everyone would be doing it!) you need to have a certain skillset, as it does take some effort to produce a video game. To make a video game, you need to have some programming skills in at least one of the popular coding languages and a knowledge of various tools, including game engines. 

However, nowadays, if you want to put your working roots down in video game design, you will find that many game creation teams have both a developer and designer on board. Your expertise, while it does need to be rounded in terms of the overall game design process, can have a leaning towards the more artistic side.

Game design offers various creative roles, besides game artists, there are, as we already mentioned, the developers as well as programmers, games testers, artists, and animators. The cross-over for these roles tends to occur more in the smaller company.

It’s the game developers who will write the actual code, but the game must be designed before it can be programmed. So should you have an artistic leaning, you can easily use this on the creative side without worrying too much about the coding.

The game designer has a lot to do. It can be from first principles, forming the initial idea and planning the game. Or it can involve designing a game based on someone else’s idea, perhaps on a film or TV franchise. Regardless of what you decide, it is always a very good idea to learn or increase your IT and programming skills, as these combined with your creativity will see you well in the future. 

The video games market is still expanding rapidly, with the UK market growing to $9 billion in 2021 alone and forecasted to reach a value of USD 314.4 billion by 2026, with experts predicting it may even be higher than that.

Therefore, by extending your creativity across the entire gaming spectrum, it opens the possibility of game design for non-game-specific platforms, such as media (TV, newspapers, and magazines), retail, business, and leisure where there might be the requirement for a video game. 

The gambling sector is one area of the leisure industry constantly on the lookout for creative designers who can take their games to new levels. For example, Dunder Casino, the online gambling casino, constantly strives to have the best in creativity for their game design to maintain their cutting-edge lead with gaming opportunities for their customers.

In summary, the production of successful video game involves:

Game design – creating a game from initial idea to the formation of the game itself, including storylines, characters, and the world they inhabit.

Artist – creation of all the game landscapes and detail.

Game animator – visualising the story, scene settings, making the characters move and interactivity.

Game testing – the quality assurance aspect, checking everything works 100%.

So, it can be easily seen that with the consistent expansion of the IT gaming industry, it’s a great career choice for those with an artistic passion and ability.

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