You are currently viewing Jaipur startup RIT Solution launches web app to provide verified COVID-19 resource leads

Jaipur startup RIT Solution launches web app to provide verified COVID-19 resource leads

Jaipur-based software startup RIT Solution has launched a dynamic web app Raj Sahayak — also known as Rajasthan Sahayak — to help aggregate validated COVID-19 resources compiled from multiple sources, including state-government healthcare public links.

According to a statement, the app caters to the needs of people living in Rajasthan, including the availability of oxygen, hospital beds, ambulance, plasma, and meal services, among others. The data is updated in the app in real-time.

“As a user, who is looking for oxygen, plasma, or other essential services could simply rely on an app, it will make it very convenient as one will get access to all the nearby service providers within a fraction of seconds. The app will show all the nearby service providers. It also has a chat option, where one can place their requirement as a public message and anyone can see and revert. With this, we are connecting all people,”  said Tapendra Dev, Founder, RIT Solution.

The app focuses on assisting the general public, especially people from rural areas. It also enables potential individual contributors and verified services providers to reach out to potential customers over the chatbox for immediate needs.

Founded in 2015, RIT Solution offers IT services, including full-stack development, mobile app development, DevOps, machine learning, artificial intelligence, AR/VR Development, and UI/UX design, among others.

In a written statement, the founder explained that users can also get all COVID- 19 news updates, including the daily counts of cases across the state, helpline numbers, and custom notifications alerting users for vaccine slots availability. 

“A part of the resources are aggregated from the CoWIN public API to add the vaccine slot availability feature into the app. The rest of the resources are obtained from our volunteer contribution, private APIs, and open sources through our rectification process,” he added.

Besides, the startup is also planning to introduce a new set of features such as regional language options to remove the language barrier, ensuring entry into remote regions across the country.

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