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[Jobs Roundup] Here’s how you can work with AI-driven autonomous voice agent startup Agara Labs

Agara, a startup building the next generation of virtual voice agents for enterprises, in February 2021 announced a $4.3 million pre-Series A extension round led by UTEC, a Japan-based early-stage deep-tech venture capital firm.

The round also saw participation from existing investors Blume Ventures and RTP Global. This brings the total funds raised by Agara to $7.5 million and includes bluechip investors Kleiner Perkins.

Founded by Abhimanyu and Arjun Maheswaran in 2017, Agara develops virtual voice agents that leverage proprietary machine learning models to understand intentions in speech, make intelligent decisions to handle queries, and talk individual customers through to a resolution. In less than four years, Agara has six patents (filed in the US) under its belt.

Headquartered in New York, Agara plans to double its team of ML research executives and data scientists in 2021. The company also plans to establish its first pure AI research team at Bengaluru in 2021. 

Artificial Intelligence

If you would like to work with Agara in Bengaluru, these job openings may be for you:

Backend Developer

Experience required: 5+ years

The backend developer at Agara is responsible for architecting an ecosystem of microservices with fast and efficient inter-process communication, building an API that will scale out to millions of requests a day, and setting up fail-proof data-storage solutions as well as ensuring their synchronisation and ability to scale horizontally. Other responsibilities include working with state-of-the-art machine learning toolkits.

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Technical Lead

Experience required: 7+ years

Similar to the backend developer’s role, a Technical Lead is required to build an ecosystem of microservices with fast and efficient inter-process communication. They will also work on building an API for scale and set up secure data storage solutions.

To land this role, the candidate is expected to have a strong fundamental knowledge of HTTP and Linux, and a deep understanding of web applications.

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Machine Learning Engineer

Experience required: 3+ years

The ML engineer at Agara will be required to perform exploratory data analysis to understand problems, implement and experiment with different features and architectures for Deep Learning models for NLP, conduct a literature review, and come up with possible solutions as well as perform visualisations for understanding problems and showcasing models.

They are expected to make models quickly for real-time predictions and build tools to help the team create models and deploy them

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Senior Frontend Developer

Experience required: 3+ years

This role involves helping to design quick prototypes in both low and high fidelity, as well as take successful prototypes to a more structured design process, design web and mobile interfaces for prototypes and new products, and assisting the team in rapid prototyping use cases.

The senior frontend developer is also responsible for helping to evangelise design thinking and human-centred design to build out Agara’s product design vision.

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Senior Site Reliability Engineer

Experience required: 5+ years

As a senior SRE, the candidate will work closely with the engineering team to define best practices and goals around availability. They will address common operational challenges through better telemetry and by building tools/services, and debugging production issues across services and levels of the stack.

The candidate will also participate in design reviews and production reviews for new features, products, or infrastructure components, and drive improvements and change across Agara’s gamut of services.

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