You are currently viewing [Jobs Roundup] Keen to redesign millennials’ financial experience? Try these roles with fintech startup Slice

[Jobs Roundup] Keen to redesign millennials’ financial experience? Try these roles with fintech startup Slice

Founded in 2016 by Rajan Bajaj, Slice provides digital payment and financial credit services focused on Generation Z and young millennials.

According to Slice, it found a lot of positives during the pandemic. It saw customers increasingly relying more on their credit card for various kind of payments. Slice added a physical card to its portfolio of products in May 2019, and in October last year, it partnered with Visa to introduce a zero fee feature credit card.

With around 3,00,000 customers, Slice has a presence in around 30 cities in the country as of now, and aims to extend it to 50 in the next year.

At present, Slice is registering an annualised gross transaction volume (GTV) of around Rs 1,600 crore ($222 million) approximately.

Rajan says, “We have grown by 100 percent from where we were pre-COVID.” The startup aims to touch $500 million GVT in 2021. Rajan says, “The focus is on scaling – we are looking at a million customers in the next 12-15 months and aim at higher NPS score.”

Slice founder Rajan Bajaj

Slice Founder and CEO Rajan Bajaj

If you want to be part of Slice’s journey, these job openings may be for you:

Product Manager

Experience required: 3+ years

The product manager at Slice is expected to mentor and develop a team of world-class product managers and analysts, and work with leadership and cross-functional teams to define the strategic direction and take tactical decisions.

The candidate will also focus on continuous product improvement and optimise for shipping a portfolio of small, medium, and large releases.

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Engineering Manager

Experience required: 6+ years

This role involves leading a high-performance engineering team to develop financial platforms and applications in payments, collaborating with product and business teams, building product execution and delivery roadmap, and more.

The engineering manager will champion best design, development, and code quality practices in the engineering team.

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Android Developer

Experience required: 5-8 years

The android developer will design, build and maintain high performance, reusable, and reliable code, write efficient Kotlin/Java code following MVVM pattern, an build a focus on UI design principles to make apps work intuitively.

He/she will also write unit-test code for robustness, usability, and general reliability, work closely with Product and Backend teams to make the app experience better, and more.

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Senior UX Researcher

Experience required: 4+ years

The senior UX researcher will design and conduct qualitative studies, including field observations and interviews, remote and in-person usability studies for existing and future products, as well as design and conduct quantitative studies, such as structuring and analysing surveys to evaluate the impact of product changes and gather insights at scale.

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Director – Horizontal Analytics

Experience required: 5-7 years

The director oh horizontal analytics is expected to work closely with product, marketing, and partnership teams to develop data-driven strategies that will drive growth, profitability, and competitive success for Slice. in the face of shifting consumer and credit risk demands. In this role, the candidate will manage and develop four to seven analysts and coaching associates, with the goal of developing and retaining talent.

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