You are currently viewing [Jobs Roundup] Work with women-led digital debt platform Northern Arc with these positions

[Jobs Roundup] Work with women-led digital debt platform Northern Arc with these positions

This week, Chennai-based digital debt platform Northern Arc announced it received $50 million in debt financing from US International Development Finance Corporation (DFC).  

The first tranche of $25 million was made available in December, while the remaining $25 million was disbursed recently. The funds will be deployed for on-lending to financial institutions, as well as lending directly to retail customers through the co-lending product, and mid-market corporates.

“Northern Arc plays an important role in the Indian financial ecosystem by bringing underbanked businesses and households under the ambit of formal finance. A large proportion of these are women borrowers and entrepreneurs,” said Northern Arc MD and CEO Kshama Fernandes.

“With a women-led organisation, the team strongly believes in diversity and the role women can play in generating positive outcomes for society and the economy as a whole,” she added.

To date, the company has enabled debt financing of around Rs 90,000 crore for its clients across micro-finance, small business finance, affordable housing finance, vehicle finance, agriculture finance, consumer finance, fintech, and mid-market corporates.

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If you wish to work with Northern Arc on its mission to finance underbanked entrepreneurs, these job openings may be for you:

Associate Vice President – Origination

Experience required: 5 years

This role involves identifying high-quality NBFCs and financial services companies to onboard as Northern Arc Capital clients, managing the company’s balance sheet, loan/investment exposures on the clients, running debt raising mandates, and assisting clients in strategically managing their asset and liability sides of balance sheets.

In this role, the candidate is expected to develop a strong understanding of the sectors and entities that the firm represents through field visits, data analysis, and interactions with various stakeholders, such as originators, investors, regulators, rating agencies, internal teams, among others.

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Associate Vice President – Capital Markets

Experience required: 5-7 years

In this role, the associate VP of capital markets will develop a strong investor franchise for Northern Arc Capital’s transactions, create and maintain a database of a wide range of investors (mutual funds, banks, NBFCs, private wealth managers, insurance companies, pension funds, offshore investors), and arrange for meetings with potential investors, and make a presentations/pitches for Northern Arc Capital transactions and asset classes.

He/she will also conduct regular follow-up calls and meetings with current and potential investors and build strong relationships with investors, and more.

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Product Sales Manager

Experience required: 3-8 years

The programme/product sales manager will be part of the core team of sales function for a zone, primarily involved in P&L achievement and branch monitoring. The candidate will also be responsible for monitoring branches and manage processes, visiting group meetings and collection meetings, and planning and driving portfolio build-up.

He/she will also monitor and report portfolio quality of branches to a zonal manager, share market feedback, and field observation in the allocated areas, and more.

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Zonal Manager

Experience required: 10-15 years

The zonal manager will be in the core team of sales function for a zone, primarily involved in monitoring, audit, P&L achievement, and strategy development. He/she is responsible for setting up the monitoring and audit unit for the MFI BC business in the geography, and managing and facilitating processes for the BC branches operations and the area.

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Associate Vice President – Credit Risk and Monitoring

Experience required: 5-9 years

In this role, a candidate’s responsibilities include periodic credit analysis and risk monitoring of partner companies, reporting on early warning signals or signs of deterioration in credit risk, quality of operations, management, financial position, governance, etc., and visiting partners and working with their top management and functional team to understand business models and identify potential risk areas.

In case of risks identified, the candidate will make recommendations on possible measures to mitigate and avoid such risks through process changes and monitor progress.

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