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KRAFTON unveils dedicated esports channels for India

KRAFTON, Inc, parent of the recently unbanned video game Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), has launched its own esports YouTube channel and Instagram page called KRAFTON INDIA ESPORTS.

To mark the launch, KRAFTON announced a series of Road To Valor: Empires matches scheduled for May 26 from 4 pm to 6 pm, where players can participate in exhilarating matches against developers from the KRAFTON team.

The South Korean company will reward the winning player with 1,000 in-game gems. KRAFTON will also share room ID details for participation on the YouTube chat, allowing one user to join at a time.

Additionally, gamers will have the chance to witness a 2v2 battle featuring KRAFTON’s India CEO Sean Hyunil Sohn and Head of India Publishing, Minu Lee.

Moreover, KRAFTON plans to organise developer versus player matches every Friday for its flagship titles, providing gamers with the opportunity to challenge game creators and showcase their skills.

“India has always been an important market for us, and we are committed to nurturing the esports ecosystem in the country. With our dedicated esports channels and upcoming tournaments, we look forward to bringing engaging experiences and growing together with our gaming community in the country,” said Sohn.

BGMI, its popular battle royale game, is set to make a comeback after it was banned in India in July 2022 under Section 69A of the IT Act 2000.

The game is granted a three-month trial approval, subject to compliance with server location and data security concerns. The authorities have emphasised the need for continued monitoring of potential issues related to user harm and addiction during this trial period before making a final decision.

The game was initially banned due to its connections to the Chinese company Tencent. At the time of the ban, PUBG Studio—also owned by the South Korean company—said it would relaunch in the region with new features customised for Indian gamers.

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