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LCD Writing pads for 3-year-olds- Technology News, FP

One-key erase & lock Friendly Design

This tab comes with an 8.5inch screen that makes for a great alternative to pen and paper. It is eco-friendly, easy to handle, lightweight, and doesn’t heat up when used for longer durations. It comes with long-lasting battery life and can be used for at least six months of regular use. The lock function on the tab will ensure that you avoid any accidental erasing so that anything that is written or drawn stays on the screen until you want it to. Perfect for parents who prefer digital ways to keep their child’s creativity flowing.

Very Easy to Use

This tablet is perfect to keep your child busy for hours. It comes with a battery life that lasts up to 50,000 erases. The pressure-sensitive screen lets you create and draw lines whether thick or thin so you have the same feel of drawing on paper but with an environment-conscious option. The tablet comes with an erase button to avoid any accidental deletion of your notes or your child’s drawings. Recommended for parents who are looking for a light-weight option with great battery backup.

Safe for Children

This 8.5inch tablet comes with pressure-sensitive technology that creates thin or thick lines based on the pressure. It is built for kids and the materials used to make this tablet are safe to use. Unlike mobile phones, this tablet does not harm your child’s vision; it is also radiation-free. Interestingly, you save more energy since the tablet does not need any charging. Lastly, the bottom of the tab has a stand for the stylus so that you have a safe place to hold it. Pick it up if you are looking for a durable product that is reusable, portable, paperless and needs no charge!

Stimulates your child’s creative

An easy way to unleash your child’s creative side, this tab comes with a stylus, built-in-battery, a protected border, and a flexible LCD board. The erase button on top of the tablet gives you the control to display your child’s drawing, writing, or notes until you choose to delete it at a touch of a button. It is also extremely light-weight and makes it easy for kids to move around with it. Easy on the pockets, this one’s a great investment if you are at the start of your child’s teaching journey.

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