You are currently viewing Learn all about scaling for your Azure database workloads with Hyperscale at Microsoft’s upcoming webinar

Learn all about scaling for your Azure database workloads with Hyperscale at Microsoft’s upcoming webinar

The fast growing data volumes and consumption have made it imperative for database servers to have scalability in terms of computing and storage capacity. A fully-managed data service can play a significant role in reducing the response time to data-related and data-dependent queries, thereby accelerating scale and performance. As intelligent use of data is becoming increasingly essential, here’s your chance to learn more about ‘Building high-performance apps with limitless scale on hyperscale DB’.

Headlined by technical experts from Microsoft such as Brian McKerr, Technical Specialist – Open source database and Srikant Sridhar, Senior Specialist, Azure Cosmos DB, the webinar will be co-presented by Microsoft and YS.

This webinar will present a great opportunity to learn about capabilities that can empower developers to innovate with Azure’s database services.

Why should you attend?

  • Know more about simplifying application development with fully managed databases
  • Learn about Azure managed database services such as Azure SQL, Azure Cosmos DB (fully managed NoSQL database service for modern app development), Azure database for PostgreSQL, Azure database for MySQL, and more
  • Listen from the experts on learning paths and training modules to gain new skills and knowledge around Azure managed databases
  • Catch an overview of accelerating your database migration using Azure Migrate and Azure Database Migration Service
  • Learn about safeguarding your database with Azure Active Directory role-based access control

Microsoft Azure aims to empower all kinds of developers, with tools and languages of their choice, to build intelligent applications that harness the power of data and AI.

The webinar is a part of an ongoing content series that puts a spotlight on Microsoft’s solutions and innovations that are strengthening the startup ecosystem of the country. Titled ‘Future ready innovation hub’, the content series also presents a detailed view into how Microsoft is helping founders and tech experts – from startups from various sectors – in various stages of their growth journey. The content series presents perspectives and learnings of Microsoft’s top leadership and tech experts through various roundtable discussions, webinars, videos, case studies, and more.

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