You are currently viewing LED torches to light up your world- Technology News, FP

LED torches to light up your world- Technology News, FP

Perfect for outdoors
At 1600 lumen and with a 21700 battery, this compact, waterproof and rechargeable torch is your perfect partner when heading outdoors in the dark. Great to explore caves and trails this torch has a robust aluminum body, an anti-abrasive finish and five modes, including a turbo and strobe mode that can prove very useful in case of an emergency. A battery indicator makes it easy to figure when your torch needs a top-up, while the type C charging point means you won’t need the whole night to get your flashlight juiced and ready to go. With an included user manual, lanyard, pocket clip and holster spare O-ring, this is the perfect companion for hikes, treks and travel almost anywhere.

For times you need a zoomable light source
With a 500-meter lighting distance, this easy-to-use torch supports five different modes, including three strobe modes – high/middle/low to choose from when needed. The Li-ion battery comes with built-in protection that gives you a longer and safer battery life, and the tough aluminum body is both ergonomic and non-slip. Now you can take on several high-intensity activities without worrying about your torch falling out of your hands. Get this powerful yet compact torch if you are looking for a sophisticated focusing system that allows you to use this torch as a floodlight with a spread beam of light or as a spotlight with a narrow light beam.

A portable light source
A portable light source is always handy when least expected. Compact and with a convenient strap for added portability, this easy-to-use LED torch consumes minimal power and is perfect to always carry with you. Offering just the right amount of shine, you have all the intensity of up to 5000 LUX with a transmission distance of 500 meters whenever you need it. Suitable for Self Safety, hunting, cycling, trekking, climbing, camping and outdoor activity, etc., I,t’s, versatile and easy to use. Water and shock-resistant, get this one to find your way around in low light easily.

Ideal for childhood exploring
With three working modes, a handy rechargeable cable and a wrist strap, this is the ideal torch to give children. Teach them to love the outdoors and explore fearlessly with a simple to operate LED torch with a lantern function. This compact flashlight fits perfectly in any pocket or bag and comes with its case to protect from damage and store easily. Small and handy, if you’re looking for a great entry-level torch, get this one without a second thought.

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