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Leveraging the power digital communities for the next billion with Ankur Capital Dialogues

More than a year into the pandemic, the COVID-19 crisis has transformed not just the way businesses operate, but also the way they interact. With physical meetings ruled out due to social distancing, virtual meetings have become the norm. However, the opportunity comes with a silver lining. The push for virtual communication amidst the pandemic also facilitated the growth of digital communities to explore new ideas and opportunities that could empower the future.

To that end, August’s Ankur Capital Dialogues — a monthly webinar that brings industry experts and leaders together to discuss how technology could drive change in different fields — will steer a conversation about the power of digital communities and how they can fuel the next wave of business growth. Titled ‘Leveraging the power of digital communities for the next billion’, the panel discussion would be organised on August 4, 2021 at 6 pm and would be moderated by Shiva Shanker, VP, Ankur Capital.

The panel would feature Rajesh Ranjan, Founder and CEO, Krishify and Sairee Chahal, Founder and CEO, SHEROES as speakers.

Sairee founded SHEROES in 2014 with an aim to create a safe space for women to find connections, content, communities, counselling and opportunities in commerce. With a global footprint of more than 21 million women, SHEROES seeks to empower women through communities, a chat-based helpline, resources, opportunities and conversations. An alumna of JNU and IMT, Ghaziabad, Sairee has had years of experience of mentoring women entrepreneurs.

An alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, Rajesh got together with fellow IITians Avinash Kumar and Manish Agrawal in 2019 to launch Krishify- a social platform that offered trading and knowledge sharing opportunities to farmers. The vernacular platform connects multiple stakeholders of the agricultural community like farmers, service providers, traders, veterinarians and farm equipment retailers to facilitate conversations around common problems and their solutions.

What’s in store for the audience

The online event will cover some interesting themes:

  • How are leading brands driving interesting conversations with their digital communities
  • What are some of the key insights about business resilience that these entrepreneurs themselves got to learn
  • How have the panellists negotiated their way through consumer engagement
  • How have they leveraged community engagement strategies to boost business growth
  • What’s their vision behind building digital communities
  • The right mantra to build a thriving community-led platform

Established in 2014, Ankur Capital collaborates with startup founders working in Agritech, food, health and education and provides them capital, mentoring, support and other tools that they might need to drive impact with disruptive solutions.

The team describes Ankur Capital Dialogues as an initiative to develop the ecosystem around the next billion users and facilitate conversations around globally relevant themes. From the use of technology to boost the global aqua chain and optimising logistics to tapping into neuroscience for business insights, these conversations have been helpful in shedding light on how technology could lead the change.

Curious to know how leading brands are creating digital communities and how such platforms are unravelling new insights about customer engagement? <<Click here>> to register for Ankur Capital Dialogues’ webinar.

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