License to Create Wealth


One of the main things we have control over is our mindset. The extent to which you believe this to be true – it is true for you, the extent to which you believe it to be false, it is false for you. And to quote Henry Ford – “Whether you think you can or can’t, either way you’re right”.

The question is – are you prepared to take control of your mind. Things could be going terribly badly wrong in your life – the question is, how are you viewing it and what are you prepared to do to make things right again. R Buckminster Fuller puts it in this way, “Wealth is the progressive mastery of matter by mind”.

Anthony Robbins tells a wonderful story about how he was once poor, then rich and then poor again. This second time of poverty was through the actions of an associate. He realised he had a choice – he could either roll over and ‘play dead’ or grasp life and draft a plan for success and this is exactly what he has done to date. He clearly adopted a ‘can do’ mindset in a most challenging place in his life.

When we think, we are creating things. We create what we think about. What if you found you had no money to pay your bills, to buy food, to take the next bus to go to that much needed interview, to get that much needed job, to put that much needed food on your table and to pay those bills? What would you do? It seems to me there are any number of options: you could find yourself on the street without food or shelter or you could say, well I’ve got nothing to lose – I have some skills, I have some ideas, I have a wider view of myself than this, I’m going to jump start my life. Throughout history and certainly with some of the millionaires we know of today they have had to do exactly that. It’s no secret and well documented in his books that Les Brown lived in his place of work for a time, with no one knowing about it. Robert Kiyosaki tells us, at one time in his life he lived in his car and I could go on.

What will you do to access the power of your great positively focused, forward thinking, creative, agile mind in order to move you to the next level?

How could you create the mindset wealth, the spiritual wealth, the physical wealth to take you to the next level? What is going to work for you to take you to your next level?

**Will you be changing the way you think about life?**

**Will you be creating business partnerships?**

**Will you be creating an at home business?**

**Will you be tapping into a skill that you love and had never thought before that you could make a business out of it?**

**Will you be going off and reading some empowering books and listening to some motivational tapes?**

**Will you be creating a mastermind group to support you in your endeavours?**

**Will you be going out and making new friends (and dare I say, letting go of some old ones)?**

**Will you be watching some great motivational and business programmes on TV?**

**Will you be listening to self-development guided meditation CD’s to support you on your journey?**

**Will you be attending self-development workshops?**

And the list could go on and on and on.

Your License to Create Wealth is in your hands and no one else’s. What will you do?

John Keats said, “The colour of the rose lies within us, not in the rose” I wonder what this means for you? For me, it suggests, I can create my reality. I have the power and some choice in creating the life I wish.

Here are some other things to think about in accepting your License to Create Wealth (fill in the blanks):

**The way I contribute is..**

**The way I build lasting business and other relations is..**

**The way I gather information that leads to my success is..**

**The way I create my today is..**

**The way I spend my tomorrow is..**

**The way I understand tomorrow is..**

**The way I handle my dreamstate is..**

**The way I handle disappointments is..**

**The way I choose to use my time is..**


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