Loogeenie: A better way to clean

Everyone knows the classic toilet brush: it’s simple, it’s cheap and it gets the job done. Sort of. Regular old toilet brushes may be your go-to for cleaning, but their bristles are often too tough to get into all of the cracks and corners of your toilet bowl. Luckily, Loogeenie is going where no other toilet brush has been before.

With its slim design, the Loogeenie toilet brush combines a flexible brush head with a unique, automatic detergent dispenser to make cleaning your toilet hassle-free. Simply insert a blister pack of cleaning detergent tablets into the brush handle and at each use, press the button to dispense one tablet through the brush into the toilet bowl and it will dissolve while brushing, leaving your toilet clean and spotless.

The flexible brush head is made with both bristle discs and silicone discs, making it the perfect combination that is tough on grime and perfect for cleaning inside the toilet’s J-trap and other tough-to-reach corners. Our automatic detergent dispenser is a hygienic, effective and hands-free way to more efficiently clean your toilet without extra chemicals or cleaning supplies.

The idea behind Loogeenie comes from Aldo Werjutina, a 70-year-old apprentice plumber who found a need to reinvent the humble toilet brush while visiting clients’ homes. He teamed up with his best mate Joe Pittorini and founded Bestview Investments Pty Ltd. Joe and Aldo headed to local industrial design company Form Designs Australia who took their pie-in-the-sky idea and turned it into a reality. 

The Loogeenie reimagines the standard toilet brush for a more efficient, more hygienic way to clean your toilet. We’re launching our Kickstarter very soon, so visit us at loogeenie.com to learn more.

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