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Meet the ‘Google of blockchain’

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While working as a cancer researcher in the pharmaceutical industry, it took Ganesh Swami up to five years to get pharma products to the market. Looking at his peers building tech products faster, he shifted to the Big Data industry and realised that blockchain technology was gaining prominence. 

“There was a need for middleware connecting the blockchain world to existing infrastructure. This inspired us to launch Covalent,” Ganesh says 

So, he teamed up with Levi Aul to launch Covalent.

The startup looks to solve infrastructure problems inhibiting blockchain adoption by bridging the world of centralised databases with the new world of distributed blockchain technologies. It provides a unified API bringing visibility to billions of blockchain data points.

With Covalent, Ganesh aims to index the entire universe of blockchains and continually add new data and information. Till date, the startup has indexed billions of rich blockchain transactions, including every transaction since genesis for over 12 top blockchains.

Editor’s Pick: Product Roadmap

Many small and mid-sized businesses have typically turned to the family business for liquidity and funding. One of the key pain points for these businesses has been payment delays from customers. They would usually have to wait on payments for 30-90 days, based on the standard credit period of their buyer.

To solve this problem, Ankur and Dushyant Agarwal in 2017 founded Cashflo, a multi-funder platform that offers a one-stop solution for financing the entire supply chain. Read more. 

<figure class="image embed" contenteditable="false" data-id="395530" data-url="" data-alt="Product Roadmap-Cashflo" data-caption="

The Cashflo team

” align=”center”>Product Roadmap-Cashflo

The Cashflo team

Startup Spotlight

Helping children learn life skills

When Shishir Miglani — a tech evangelist and CEO of Kurativz Technologies, trained underprivileged kids on problem-solving and life skills at a school, he realised that most of the children not only brought innovative ideas but also had clarity in explaining how they wanted to execute them. 

This led him to start Kidzpreneur — a platform for children to learn life skills that are important to excel in real life. The platform helps kids build problem-solving, creativity, communication/storytelling, money management, and design thinking, among other skills. Read more.


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Ganesh Swami, CEO, Covalent

” align=”center”>Ganesh Swami

Ganesh Swami, CEO, Covalent

“Some countries remain sceptical about blockchain technology. Covalent can help bring transparency and visibility to financial transactions and address the problem.”

Ganesh Swami, CEO, Covalent

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