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Microsoft Brings AI to Windows 10 & 11 with ChatGPT in PowerToys

Since its introduction in late 2022, ChatGPT has had a notable impact on the technology sector. As a key player in the AI space, Microsoft has fully adopted ChatGPT, incorporating it into and the taskbar of Windows 11, with intentions to embed it into Office applications via Microsoft 365 Copilot.

Microsoft now aims to extend ChatGPT to Windows 10 and 11 through PowerToys, the company’s open-source utility set. Established over three years ago, PowerToys has become a vital tool for Windows users, offering features such as Registry Preview. Being an open-source initiative, independent developers can partner with Microsoft to create new functionalities for both Windows 10 and 11.

The addition of ChatGPT to the PowerToys “toolbox” will deliver AI capabilities to the desktop. Independent developer Simone Franco, recognized for developing the WSATools APK sideload application for Windows 11, is joining forces with Microsoft for this ChatGPT integration.

Franco disclosed that the revamped PowerToys utility will allow users to engage with the ChatGPT model using a pre-existing feature called “PowerToys Run.” This will enable users to interact with the language model in several ways, including asking questions and obtaining responses in natural language. The primary objective of this integration is to enable direct communication with the AI from the desktop.

Although the launch date for this feature remains unclear, Microsoft is continuing its collaboration with Simone Franco. ChatGPT integration could potentially be available within the next few weeks.

This progress follows Microsoft’s recent unveiling of a new taskbar search bar for Windows 11, driven by Bing AI, a sophisticated and updated version of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. However, the taskbar integration received criticism for merely providing a shortcut to Bing AI within Microsoft Edge.

In comparison, the forthcoming ChatGPT tool will be directly incorporated into PowerToys, enabling users to generate targeted messages, produce content, and engage with the user on the page, similar to the ChatGPT conversation page.

Insiders at Windows Latest indicate that Microsoft has bold plans for AI within Windows, with additional AI features likely to be revealed this autumn as the company advances its next-generation Windows update, dubbed “Windows 12.” It is anticipated that Windows 12 will come with enhanced AI capabilities and tighter integration with OpenAI’s ChatGPT, further improving the user experience.

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