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Need free legal advice? This startup can help

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The COVID-19 pandemic continues to pose uncertainty for businesses, affecting fundamental strategic and operational decisions. Things are even more challenging for startups and SMEs. One small mistake could lead to a major catastrophe.

Last year, amid the lockdown, founders reading contracts with key stakeholders like vendors and customers were astounded by the legal impact of what they had signed up for, says Vijay Sambamurthi, Founder and Managing Partner, Lexygen

To help these startups, Lexygen launched a COVID Pledge — offering top-quality legal advice for free of cost (up to a specified limit of value) — to help them deal with these issues.

“Our advice has real monetary and strategic value, and the fact that we not only provide it free, but provide it with the same commitment to quality as if it is a paying deal, has been highly appreciated by our service recipients last year,” says Vijay. 

Last year, Lexygen donated approximately 50 lakh worth of legal advice to a mix of startups and later-stage Indian businesses. This year, the COVID Pledge 2.0 has been increased to Rs 1.10 crore worth of legal advice.

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The Interview

In India, people use most of their life savings to buy a semi-furnished home, and sometimes even lack facilities such as the kitchen, wardrobe, and paint. 

Ramakant Sharma, Co-founder and COO of Livspace, talks about how the startup connects interior designers, vendors, and customers to provide end-to-end home interiors.

Editor’s Pick: The Turning Point

Seeing a huge gap in the healthcare segment and how small towns are underserved as compared to metro cities, Ayush Mishra set out to solve this and launched Tattvan E-Clinic in 2017. Read more.

Startup Spotlight

Enabling students from Tier-II, III cities to access higher education

While students across the world have turned to edtech startups and companies to continue their education amid the pandemic, many students from Tier-II, III cities, and beyond are still unable to access online learning. 

To solve this, Chandrabhanu Pattajoshi and Sonam Choudhary started Goseeko in 2018. The edtech platform offers courses by 68 other universities, also provides online classes, private live tuitions, and career guidance by facilitating internships and job opportunities to young graduates. Read more.

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Vijay Sambamurthi

“The COVID-19 pandemic has turned out to be not just one crisis, but a series of constantly evolving crises. In such a scenario, what most founders don’t even anticipate, let alone plan for, is how to avoid stepping on legal landmines.”

Vijay Sambamurthi, Founder and Managing Partner, Lexygen

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