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Now track when, where, and who cuts your meat with TenderCuts’ Freshness Tracker

India ranks eighth in the world in terms of meat production, according to The Economic Survey, producing 8.80 million tonnes of meat in 2020-21. However, consumers often complain of hygiene conditions in which meat is sold in the country, freshness of food, and other safety measures.

Meat delivery startup TenderCuts leverages its strong tech stack to improve customer insights from both human and non-human interactions. 

Founded in 2016 by techpreneur Nishanth Chandran, TenderCuts claims to be India’s first tech-driven omnichannel fresh meat and Seafood Company. The brand was started with a mission to provide fresh antibiotic and hormone-free meat and seafood by establishing direct partnerships with local farming and fishing communities and strong backward links to guarantee absolute freshness.

Freshening up the industry

TenderCuts’ diverse application of food technology to the selection, processing, preservation, packaging, and distribution of fresh-cut meat and seafood has helped the company set a new benchmark in the industry. The startup has recently introduced a real-time tracking system for customers to know and identify when and where their meat was cut with a feature called Freshness Tracker.

Currently, TenderCuts is the only brand in the industry to introduce this feature, which increases confidence in the brand’s ‘Freshly Cut After You Order’ feature and enables the trackability of the order. Customers who pre-order their meat get an alert as soon as their meat is cut by a TenderCuts expert through the live-tracking feature, thereby ensuring quality and transparency at every level.

The introduction of the Freshness Tracker feature will enhance the customer buying experience by building complete transparency in providing accurate information when their meat was freshly cut. Customers would be able to view their freshly cut order until delivery. We are delighted to move a step closer to our consumers with this real-time tracking feature,” says Nishanth Chandran, Founder and CEO, TenderCuts.

What sets TenderCuts apart?

The quality of TenderCuts’ meat and seafood conforms to FSSAI (Food Safety Standards Authority of India) and WHO (World Health Organization) standards on the distribution and consumption of fresh-cut meat. The partners are also integrated into an ecosystem of fair prices and timely payments, encouraging them to practise ethical farming to ensure chemical-free and preservative-free produce. 

With the establishment of numerous check and quality controls, right from the breeding of livestock, selection, and cleaning, TenderCuts has taken rigorous quality measures, this process also includes the selection of meat through stringent grading, rigorous standardisation, and automated handling by a proficient well-trained team. 

TenderCuts has also owned the women empowerment model by becoming the first meat startup to hire women butchers and train them. Today, the meat brand delivers in Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad from multiple warehouses and experience stores with the help of an efficient last-mile delivery network. 

In just four years, TenderCuts has grown its customer base to over 11 lakh customers, and with the features it offers, it’s not going to be long before they make their presence felt in every part of the country.

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