You are currently viewing ‘Products, experiences, regulations’ – 15 quotes and tips from YourStory’s Metaverse Summit 2022

‘Products, experiences, regulations’ – 15 quotes and tips from YourStory’s Metaverse Summit 2022

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[The metaverse] is going to create the canvas for all kinds of new products, categories, goods and services to come alive. And that’s going to create a new economy. – Ajit Mohan, Meta India

The landscape is changing every day, and therefore, as a founder, you need to get super deep into the space and start thinking of deeper engagements and what else is possible with your product. Be super curious, deep, nimble, and keep building. – Vaas Bhaskar, Elevation Capital

If it’s not going to result in a much better user experience or something different in the economics of a business or value chain of some industry, it won’t be able to attract people who are long term believers. This will lead to crazy volatility and wastage of time and talent. – Nitin Sharma, Antler India

Learning is going to be a lot easier when you put the student in the middle of whatever is being taught. – Ajit Mohan, Meta India

Tokens are a form of ownership or access to a community, what they enable you to do is still programmatically define what that means, unlike the shares or debt to a company. So people are getting very creative about what you can do with them. – Shailesh Lakhani, Sequoia India

People who generally come from the regular Web2.0 world are not very conversant with the tokenised Web3.0 world. So, we need to look at Web3.0 as a completely new world with a lot of learning and assimilation of inputs from markets, and more. – Sriram Iyer, Coinbase

India’s already emerging as a world leader in the crypto space. – Madhumita Harishankar, Nume Crypto

This time, we are ready, we have the right skills, we have an amazing engineering population of over 4 million engineers in India; 12,000 of them are blockchain engineers. So, not just as a service provider, India is emerging as a platform builder in Web3. – Ashish Singhal, CoinSwitchKuber

India has a huge role to play in shaping the future of the current internet, and in shaping the future of the internet, which we see as the metaverse. – Ajit Mohan, Meta India

It doesn’t matter if you’re the best team in India, what matters is that you can create something which can truly compete at a global level, with of course some exceptions like centralised exchanges. – Nitin Sharma, Antler India

We, women, tend to look for security, and most of our decisions are risk assessed. And by nature, we think ten years ahead. So joining a volatile space can be a little riskier. – Roshni Aslam, GoSats

While women are significantly underrepresented in the Web 3.0 universe, we need to understand that this is an engineering movement. So the problem arises with the fact that there are fewer women engineers. – Kaavya Prasad, Lumos Labs

There are resources coming up now that are aiding women. Experiences are being shared, also there are changes where people are discouraging others who are being discriminatory or biased. – Roshni Aslam, GoSats

Whichever country cracks this [regulation] problem first will attract the innovation and talent pool, and create a massive wealth generation opportunity for its citizens. – Sumit Gupta, CoinDCX

The capacity building piece [for regulation] really needs to be taken seriously across governments everywhere. – Tanvi Ratna, Policy 4.0

We cannot have hard regulations right now because space is evolving. So the solution to this is a soft touch regulation or fluid regulation, which can evolve in itself, as we see more developments happening outside the country. – Sumit Gupta, CoinDCX

There is almost a generation gap. How do you find that [regulatory] middle ground, it’s not easy to mediate. And unless there is enough political attention or capital being put on this, it won’t happen. – Tanvi Ratna, Policy 4.0

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