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Rajat Mahajan’s advice to future entrepreneurs

Growing up, Rajat Mahajan had wanted to become a chef. And while most take up career paths that are vastly different from their childhood ambitions, for Rajat, food and the culinary arts continue to be a significant part of his life. Rajat is the owner of Akanksha International — a business that was started in 2005 and builds solutions for commercial kitchens. He feels that sales is the best part of his job.

A large part of running a successful business or cooking in commercial kitchens involves having well-tuned processes in place, something which Rajat values highly. If he was given a chance to teach students, he would teach them about how to build processes.

When not at work, Rajat enjoys cooking and listening to ghazals and Sufi music. He hopes to visit Sicily in Italy one day, so that he can experience Sicilian cuisine. A coffee aficionado who is at his best at night and enjoys tikkas of all kinds, Rajat enjoys Fridays the most as he gets a chance to look forward to and enjoy the coming weekend.

Opportunities for growth is a priority for Rajat. It is in fact what inspired him to become an entrepreneur and motivates him to get out of bed in the morning. To that end, he looks forward to a double-digit growth in 2021. His idea of success? Being satisfied and happy.

When asked what he would like to advise future entrepreneurs, he says “Just do it.”

Rajat Mahajan is a member of Xcelerator Ludhiana Class of 2021. Learn more here.

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