You are currently viewing Salesforce’s AI solution for Air India to improve customer experience

Salesforce’s AI solution for Air India to improve customer experience

Air India enters into a partnership with Salesforce

Indian airline Air India has revealed its collaboration with global CRM software company Salesforce to transform its customer service technology stack. Under this partnership, the airline will adopt salesforce products embedded with artificial intelligence capabilities where it expects to see major improvements to customer experience and higher productivity of its customer-facing staff.

The technology being deployed from Salesforce will allow Air India to track customer interactions across its contact centre, mobile, web, chatbot, email, social media and other channels to provide a single customer asks as well as challenges.

Air India

This will also give Air India’s customer facing staff and its automated systems the ability to act on challenges proactively and track them to closure, assisted by Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Meesho picks Juniper Networks to manage customer service tech stack

Networking technology firm Juniper Networks revealed that social commerce firm Meesho has selected Juniper’s AI-driven SD-WAN solution powered by Session Smart Routing (SSR) and the Juniper Mist Cloud to drive network connectivity of its partner call centers across multiple locations in the country.

According to Juniper, the SD-WAN platform will enable calls to be seamlessly routed to the next available connection without any disruption, balancing traffic over the MPLS and broadband internet links based on session policies and network status, to allow IP voice calls priority over other call center applications.

TCS launches AI driven 5G solution for large enterprises

Indian technology services company Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has announced the launch of its 5G-enabled solution, TCS Cognitive Plant Operations Adviser for the Microsoft Azure Private Mobile Edge Computing (PMEC) platform.

This is expected to help companies in industries like manufacturing, oil and gas, consumer packaged goods, and pharmaceuticals transform production, harnessing artificial intelligence and machine learning to make it intelligent, agile and resilient.

TCS Cognitive Plant Operations Adviser is a composite AI solution for manufacturing and process plant operations that uses Microsoft Project Bonsai low-code, AI platform, for which TCS is a launch partner, to provide insights and information to plant operators for taking real-time and autonomous decisions. A part of TCS’ Enterprise 5G Edge suite, the solution integrates with Microsoft Azure private MEC to help plant operators reduce waste, increase equipment uptime, and zero-out safety incidents.

Addverb opens new software development centre in Noida

Addverb, a robotics and automation company has set up a new software development centre (SDC) in Noida with the capacity to house over 300 engineers. This centre will focus on developing cutting-edge enterprise software solutions for the company’s expanding range of robots, the company said in a statement.

The facility will house teams of software engineers, developers, architects, IT infrastructure, and automation engineers. The company’s software solutions are designed to help clients optimize their operations, reduce costs, and improve productivity. Addverb had opened a similar facility in Pune last year.


Addverb has a manufacturing facility called Bot-Valley in Noida which also has an Research and Development unit and a customer experience centre.

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