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Should You Use the New Google Ads Insights Page? [Pros and Cons] –

It’s been a busy past few months for Google Ads updates. The tech giant has been making several tweaks to various aspects of its platform in an overall attempt to make the product more accessible to businesses looking to advertise.

To add to these technical changes, Google has released its new Insights page from beta.

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For the most part, any tool or feature that provides insights through data is generally a welcomed asset. But with Google these days, it is important to take a closer look. In this post, I’m going to discuss the overall pros and cons of the Google Ads Insights page, and then walk you through how to use it. This way, you can decide whether it’s right for your business.

The pros of the Google Ads Insights page

The Insights page is the latest beta-tested offering from Google that essentially curates custom insights based on your business account. The idea behind the tool is to deliver relevant trends and opportunities unique to the advertiser’s business.

Keep up with changing consumer behavior

It works by using your account’s performance history, campaign settings, and trends across Google to automatically generate insights and recommendations for your business. According to Google, this is a tool to help marketers and advertisers keep up with the rapidly changing consumer behavior that was set off by the pandemic.

Get ahead of competitors

In a way, this tool doesn’t just allow you to keep up with consumers, but also to get ahead of competitors. For example, Google notes that “searches for ‘curbside pickup’ increased by over 3000%” during the pandemic. Businesses who were relevant to this query would have been able to capitalize by targeting these keywords before the competition caught on to the trend.

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Great for scaling

To the individual marketer (or agency), the tool itself is certainly an added bonus—particularly for those who are looking for ways to scale their account and increase their return on ad spend.

Potential cons of the Google Ads Insights page

There is a flipside to the page that comes into play from my perspective. Now obviously not every person advertising or using Google Ads will frequently use this tool but let’s say that a vast majority do.


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Title: Should You Use the New Google Ads Insights Page? [Pros and Cons]
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