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Since childhood, Nandesh Gupta had his mind set on becoming an entrepreneur

Nandesh Gupta, fondly called Saurabh, has visited a lot of places in India, but he says there is no other city like Punjab. “It was wonderful to grow up in Punjab. The food, water and air purity is something I haven’t seen in any other state.”

When he was 12 years old, he wanted to be exactly what he is today – an entrepreneur. “When I meet my schoolmates, even years later, we still have this conversation. I always had clarity about what I wanted to be.” And so when he turned 20, he started his company Nandeshwer Tools Pvt. Ltd. It provides solutions to customers by redefining machining solutions. Since 12 years, they have been tweaking tools and tech to cater to customers’ needs. “We are your partner in productivity when it comes to metal cutting.” Today, his business is doing pretty well, and he considers this his biggest achievement. “I never thought our company would reach here.”

He’s inspired by the Prime Minister of India, especially his work ethics. “If I have to manage four things at once, I get worried. If I got a chance to speak to him, I want to understand how he manages an entire country efficiently.”

Nandesh is a morning person who sleeps no later than 10 PM at night. He looks forward to Sundays as he doesn’t need to go to office. “It’s hard to get a holiday when it’s your own business. But in all these years, I don’t remember any Sunday where I’ve done official work. Our work culture is like that.”

In his free time, he plays with his five-year-old son who he lovingly calls Bunny. He recalls how when he had the time to travel, he thought it wasn’t possible financially. Taking inspiration from ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’, he says that now he’s in a comfortable place and wants to take a solo trip someday. If his house was on fire, he would grab his parents, wife and son. “The rest is insured,” he jokes.

When asked who his role model is, Nandesh says that he follows processes and not a person. “I’ve been inspired by the thoughts, processes and efficiency of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for over a decade. I’m currently reading his book Celebrating Silence.” Success, according to him, is a continuous process. “I’m very happy with my present situation. If my company grows, I’ll be more successful. I don’t limit success.”

When it comes to starting up, his two cents to entrepreneurs is to take a decision only if you’re confident.

“There’s no short term in business. I’ve seen people take the risk to hide and start a business while working, and then later leave their corporate job when the business is in good shape. If you’re thinking of starting up, do it openly and ethically.”

So far, Nandesh has taken personal efforts to scale his business and he feels Xcelerator Ludhiana has come at the right time for him. “I’ve done everything in my power to grow the business. But now, without training and a consulting team, I can’t scale further.” He looks forward to the continued growth of his business in 2021.

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