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Skills, practice, originality – tips for creative success from the Chitra Santhe 2022 artists

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Hosted by Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath in Bengaluru, the 19th annual edition of Chitra Santhe was dedicated to the freedom fighters of India to mark 75 years of independence (see Part I and Part II of our coverage).

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“What I like most about festivals like Chitra Santhe is that it allows for the breaking down of boundaries,” artist Kanchan Rathna explains, in a chat with YourStory.

“I firmly believe in ‘Art for All’ and it is a pleasure to see and interact with all sections of society in this street festival, something that is not possible in the upmarket art galleries,” she adds.

“I made good sales and a lot of good friends and potential clients,” Kanchan enthuses. She is also preparing for a new show and has some commissioned works to finish.

“I believe my style has kept evolving through the years and the exploration will continue through my art journey,” she observes.

Kanchan advises aspiring artists to be prepared for the long journey of creativity, filled with trials, tribulations, and accolades.

“The only thing that will keep you going is practice and honest hard work,” she says.

“Please, please refrain from copying other artists and artworks. Strive to create your own original art. And as the Gita preaches, always concentrate on the work, do not worry about the result,” Kanchan affirms.

“Art is something you cannot express by words, it is all about what you paint,” describes Faazilah Ahmed. She is currently working on detailed art forms and is fond of more prescribed work.

“Just paint what makes you happy, always follow your heart. Only then can you paint the masterpiece,” Faazilah advises aspiring artists.

Anupama PG describes that her artworks are based on intricate and unique murals. “The freedom of thought and passion for painting is expressed through the confident strokes and bold colours,” she says.

“For an artist, awards provide respect and recognition while sales provide a livelihood. It also helps gauge the public sentiment and latest trends,” Anupama says.


“Learn as much skill as possible, no matter what. There is no shortcut to success,” she advises aspiring artists.

“Hard work and dedication will always pay off,” Anupama signs off.

Now, what have you done today to pause in your busy schedule and find new avenues to apply your creativity?

[All photos of artworks and artists were taken on location at Chitra Santhe 2022 by Madanmohan Rao]

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