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Starting a cosmetic dermatology venture, this doctor is tapping into the opportunities in health and wellness

Dr Vinita Sharma, an MBBS graduate moved to the US to work in the field of clinical research as a drug safety associate and a coder for Genentech and Gilead Sciences —two of the world’s leading biopharmaceutical companies. In 2009, Vinita returned to India. “I observed the demand for health and beauty skin treatments and saw it as an area of opportunity,” shares Vinita. She decided to further build on her knowledge and skill sets and took two intensive courses to understand medical lasers and their applications for different treatments and aesthetic procedures.

After completing the courses, she was ready to cater to the market demand. Investing her personal savings of Rs 20 lakh and taking out a loan of Rs 15 lakh, she launched DermGlo as a Laser Skin clinic in Whitefield in 2009. The first few years she focused on servicing her clients and establishing the business in the beauty and wellness market. “We began to grow steadily over the years. From about Rs 8 lakhs in annual revenue in 2009 to about 40 lakhs in 2016. And, in 2016, we moved the clinic to the Forum Neighbourhood mall in Whitefield, one of the biggest malls in Bengaluru.” 2018 and 2019 were eventful years for the business with Vinita expanding the business. In 2018, the centre started offering non-invasive body contouring with cryolipolysis, low level laser light therapy and platelet rich plasma treatments for hair care. In 2019, she extended the services to offer cool sculpting. With it, DermGlo became only one of the 6 clinics which offer authentic Coolsculpting in Bengaluru. The year saw DermGlo clocking Rs 1 crore in revenue.

One of key growth drivers for the venture is Vinita’s commitment and strong work ethics. Vinita is known to take a holistic approach to the consultations. “The patients are advised aspects related to health and nutrition to support the treatment and achieve a better outcome. I take accountability for all the procedures we do until the outcome is achieved.” Today, DermGlo is a growing cosmetic dermatology centre that undertakes cosmetic dermatological procedures for skin rejuvenation and body contouring including botox, fillers, lasers, coolsculpting etc. “It’s an emerging market that is gaining increasing popularity,” she says.

However, like many sectors, the beauty and wellness sector was hit hard in the initial months of the COVID-19 pandemic. Vinita was planning to start her second clinic in March 2020, but had to shelve the idea. She is now working towards launching skincare products and supplements under her own brand. It is here that she believes that a programme like Xcelerator Bangalore will help her. “I believe that the programme will help me hone the skills I need to start a chain of clinics and expand the business model.”

Xcelerator Bangalore aims at accelerating the growth of women-owned, non- IT businesses in Bengaluru. It provides support to the women entrepreneurs to learn, collaborate and network with various stakeholders through a multitude of workshops, learning and mentoring sessions. This series highlights the work of 24 women entrepreneurs who will be participating in the first cohort of the Xcelerator Bangalore programme.

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