tabExtend Makes it Easy to Manage And Find Your Tabs

How many tabs do you have open in your web browser right now?

Many people often have dozens of tabs overflowing in their browsers when they are doing research or working with multiple web apps. It can quickly get out of control.

Too many tabs clutter your screen. They are also impossible to keep track of and they slow down your computer making it even more difficult to find and use the tab you need without wasting time.

tabExtend wants to change that. It’s a browser extension for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. It helps you manage your tabs and keeping the user focused in its current tasks.

The browser extension replaces the new tab with an overview where the user can create groups containing tabs, notes, and text-snippets. Visually organize it all with ease using drag and drop and handy shortcuts, like right-clicking any page and choosing a group to save to.

Instead of copy and pasting URLs into other apps or forgetting sites in your bookmarks just drop your tabs off in tabExtend. The extension is reached by simply opening a new tab in your browser. A refined browser workflow that will help you declutter your browser, save you computer memory and give you a new found focus.

With tabExtend, you can manage tabs, make plans, and context switch effortlessly.

Try tabExtend for free. To install the tabExtend extension, go to your Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge store, add it to your browser and open a new tab in your browser to begin using it.

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