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The Amazing Gamechanging Features of the Neat Pad for Meetings

What typically happens with work meetings in terms of direction, notation, and signage? In many corporate offices, even in 2022, they are identified and instructions are provided using tools from the 19th century. We’re talking about paper signs, boards, post-its, and similar.

These methods all use means of communication that have been around for at least a few centuries. However, the real question is, given the available technology today, why are people still insisting on ancient means of communication? Not to mention, most of those methods produce some kind of waste that is no longer necessary. All that crumpled-up paper from signs and notes no longer used has to go somewhere.

Going Digital with Signage and Facility Direction

Now imagine a workplace that identifies the use of rooms and control of meeting technology with a simple but elegant touchscreen. Whether posted at the entrance of the room, or used inside it to control the communication tools available, the ideas and directions are literally at people’s fingertips.

Even better, there is no waste, no by-products, and no misplaced signage. Everything is where it needs to be to get the job done, meetings had, and control of the room tools adequately performed. It sounds futuristic even, right? Surprise, the technology and tool are available today, right now, in the form of the Neat Pad.

Functionality Made Available With Intuitive Ease

People are tactile. They translate and want to manage things by touch. The amount of online meetings with new tech in 2020 did away with touch, so people are hyper-sensitive to the lack of contact now coming back to the office again. The Neat Pad is designed to enhance this natural tendency by putting control at people’s fingertips when they need meeting facility information, both for a location as well as function. Even better, the tool blends in effortlessly, looking like part of the furniture in the meeting room as if it was designed there in the first place. 

The Technical Side

With the connecting port of a standard Ethernet cable, the Neat Pad can tap into and manage multiple tools and features, ranging from room functions to scheduling online meetings with various meeting tools (think Microsoft Teams or Zoom). Even better, when the meeting is over but another one is needed, no one needs to run back to their desk to schedule the next sessions. They can be set right from the Neat Pad itself due to compatibility with standard office productivity packages and calendaring systems, such as Outlook, for example. 

Meeting Command Central

The biggest advantage of the Neat Pad comes with all the tools it provides for meeting management. Aside from scheduling, mentioned above, the Neat Pad also includes built-in microphones, the ability to run and control other tools in the meeting room such as cameras and lighting, meeting initiation with integrated software, and screen/viewing adjustment for better interaction.

Best of all, nobody is tripping over cables walking around the room, or sitting awkwardly to avoid them dripping off the table to a power outlet. The Neat Pad does away with the rat’s nest and connects by one Ethernet cable or by Wi-Fi. Which such ease at running a meeting, don’t be surprised if people in the office get a little spoiled and expect a Neat Pad wherever they go. Good meetings still happen through people, but good technology makes this run a lot better too.

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