The Importance Of Being Relatable To Others With Your Business

The importance of being able to relate and connect with people when you advertise your business or webpage is probably the one single critical element worth paying attention to. I often look around and see some businesses where people don’t appear to even be present. It’s like everything is on autopilot and there’s no need to talk to anyone. Think about it a moment. When you visit a website as a customer it almost feels surreal when the website is just sell, sell, sell and no warmth. Sure, if you have a website you can’t be present in reality, but you can have your face in a picture or on a video. Putting a face to your business is probably the biggest thing you need to grasp.

The essence of what I’m really saying is that exclusive branding is the main goal you should be aiming for in your particular business or niche. The reason I say this is that customers perceive you as the representation of your business. For example, if you sell a pair of shoes, your customer will likely buy from you because you recommend them and you endorse them and they warm to you, not really because they walked past a billboard displaying your shoes for sale. The billboard maybe told them where to get your product, but the actual selling was done by your personal service side to your business. Now let me be more specific:

1) Become your customer’s best friend: Tell a story, use your emotions and make that connection. The feel, felt, found technique is always good. “I know how you feel with worn shoes. I felt exactly the same way, so much that once I went to a party and one strap broke, it was embarrassing. What I found with these shoes I have is they feel so comfortable to wear and look so good, it has given me so much more confidence…”

Get the picture?

2) Use pictures and video of yourself: Being passionate about your niche or products is very important, describing all the benefits and how you’re excited your customers can get the very best benefits with them.

3) Offer something free with your items: People always like to get free stuff. It makes them feel like they have a great deal. Where possible make it all the best value for money.

4) Answer their questions immediately: Most customers have arrived at your website from a search, or from finding an add or something leading to your site. If you can find out what they want to know or have, try and offer a sample of it straight away on your website. This will build up your loyalty and customer approval.

I really hope for you that these four points will grab your attention because it’s my intention to see improvement in those around me who read my articles. There is an array of junky articles which teach broadly what things are successful but I like to be very targeted in my information. The concept of relating to others on a personal level is one of the most critical pieces often missing to one’s business in understanding internet marketing. If you can truly grasp the points herein, you will go very well in your endeavours.


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