The Importance of Core Competencies – A Comparison Between Values and Core Competencies

Understanding the importance of core competencies, and the difference between competencies and values, can make or break you in the realm of Internet Marketing. Creating a fluid environment where your values and competencies complement one another is imperative for your success. These attributes, if properly honed, will work in conjunction to make your efforts for personal image marketing very effective.

What are core competencies?

Your core competencies are the strengths that you possess currently in your life. They are those areas where your knowledge is the most substantial. They are those areas that you have developed great skill in. Your core competencies are those elements about your person that you are already qualified as an expert in. We are all experts at something. You probably already have a very good idea of what your core competencies are.

What are core values?

Your core values are your ethical standards. They are what you stand for. They are moralistic representations of what you believe in. For most of us, it is necessary and important to spend some time defining core values. Many times, we go through life just assuming that we know what we stand for without actually ever putting forth any effort to develop our values as we would dictate them.

Developing core competencies:

The importance of your main competencies is so profound that it cannot be overlooked. When you have strength in a given area, it gives you a strategic marketing advantage. There are millions of people around the planet that need to benefit from your expertise. You need to spend time developing your core competencies so that you are the best at what you do. The more you develop your skills and strengths, the more effective you will be at generating revenue with them.

Defining core values:

In Internet Marketing, you have to brand yourself. Personal image marketing techniques can deliver amazing results – as long as you develop a master plan for the overall branding of yourself and your company. Take some time to think about the core values that you want your company to be perceived as representing. You have to be the one to dictate what others will see and feel when they experience your marketing efforts. You have to control what your perspective clientele will perceive you and your company as being.

Understanding the importance of competencies and core values, and how they need to work in conjunction, is profoundly important for your entrepreneurial success. Give intentional thought and effort towards developing both of these sets of attributes and always remain at the helm controlling the direction of your business’s development.


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