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The Right Way to Brand and Package Your Organic Clothing Business

Creating an eco-friendly product is one thing; it’s another to successfully market it to the target customers it was intended for. One of the keys to building a successful organic clothing brand is to understand how to brand and package your products the right way. 

Consumers are drawn to products that appeal to their personality and style, so designing your product package to fit their preferences is a good way to lure them in. 

Your sustainable clothing branding and packaging should create an impression that stays with prospective customers. It should make a lasting first impression and hit the right spot that convinces them to buy.

Think your clothing line packaging and branding has been a miss? It’s time to strategize. Let’s check out how you can do it the right way.

What Makes a Successful Product Package?

Is it the design? Or the attractiveness? The usefulness of the package? All these are important elements of your product package, but if you get the product branding wrong, you’re not there yet.

To deliver the full picture of what your product offers, you need to properly brand your product to support the packaging. Product branding requires separating your product from just a lovely package and proceeding to tell your customers what the product can do for them. 

So, if your product is organic clothing, your branding should tell what the product can do for the user. It should excite the user to anticipate eco-friendly, sustainable outfits free from harsh chemicals that can destroy the earth. It should depict a brand that embraces the natural method of protecting your clothing materials, making it safe for the land and their body.

Your product package entices the consumer to check out the product, but the product branding convinces them to buy it. 

How to Package Your Organic Clothing Brand the Right Way

Now that you understand what your product branding entails, let’s focus on your packaging. 

As a company focused on sustainability and eco-friendly products,  you should extend this to your packaging as well. Here, we’ll discuss a few tips that’ll show you how you can successfully take steps to package your organic products.

  1. Use Reusable Packaging

Customers who care about the planet by choosing organic clothing brands also want to make sure those brands inculcate the same in their packaging. A third of customers care that their brand preferences are sustainable, and one way to show your commitment to that is by using reusable packaging. 

Many chic reusable package choices are available today, so you don’t have to worry about giving your customers less than the best. Some great reusable packaging choices for a fashion brand may be totes, boxes, or paper bags. 

  1. Invest in Sustainable Labeling

Labels are a big part of clothing brands, whether on the package or the clothes themselves. Using the highest quality labeling systems helps to ensure accurate label applications on whatever sustainable material you choose for labeling. 

Some fashion brands choose unbleached organic cotton for their clothing labels and biodegradable or recyclable plastic for tapes, carry bags, and other items that need plastic labels. 

Doing this helps ensure that your labeling products don’t add to landfills but can be recycled and reused or easily degrade when no longer in use. Using labeling machines for production will help create high-quality labels regardless of the materials you choose. 

  1. Use Recyclable Packaging

Recyclable packaging is different from reusable packaging, although reusable packages can also be recyclable. Your consumers will thank you for this because you also give them an opportunity to be part of something for the good of the earth.

Recyclable packages can make a strong point for your organic clothing business, telling the world that you’re committed to ensuring all-round sustainability in what you offer. 

They’re incredibly easy to source and so not difficult to implement. You can do a market survey of the types of recyclable packages currently in use and decide what’s best for your brand.

If used correctly, it’s a great branding strategy that can help your business stand out. A brand like Lanius, for instance, uses 70% recycled material for their shipping boxes and has a popular #NOPLASTIC hashtag campaign where they no longer use newly made plastics for packaging.

Final Thoughts

If you want to be successful at eco-product packaging, ethically sourced, recyclable, and biodegradable products must be your go-to. They prove to your customers that you truly care about saving the earth, and you’re committed to doing so in all you offer. 

For your brand, it goes beyond providing sustainable clothing and ensuring the items you use for your packaging also hit the eco-friendly mark — sustainability all around. 

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