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The Startups That Caught Our Eye In February 2021

Inc42 brings you a curated list of 30 early-stage startups founded after 2018 and now on the road to success

These startups are making a mark in the market with their unique business models and product offerings

In this month’s list, 7 out of the 30 startups come from the fintech sector and 6 come from the burgeoning ecommerce sector

Even as the fear of a second coronavirus wave lingers, Indian startups are on a rebound mode. The immediate goal for most of them is to chase their pre-Covid mark in terms of revenue and reach. The long-term goal could be making their business models resilient enough to tackle any crisis in the future.

While the pandemic has been a blessing of sorts for startups hailing from edtech, enterprise tech, fintech and digital commerce space, the drastic changes witnessed in the past one year are working as innovation triggers to cope with the new normal. And startups are leveraging them to take their businesses to the next level.

30 Startups To Watch: February 2021

This month, our list of 30 startups highlights early-stage businesses that use top-notch technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and next-gen hardware (think of a pilotless air taxi with drone-like functions) to make lives easier for consumers and productive for companies. Many of them have been outliers in recent months and forerunners of innovative business models. Then there are startups across sectors that stand tall because they have learnt to address the pain points of people and enterprises in a pandemic-hit world. It is not surprising that they have seen a spectacular rise in recent times.

A close look at the February listing further reveals that 7 out of the 30 startups are from the fintech sector. Not exactly surprising, considering how the sector has consistently grown over the past year. The same applies to ecommerce as the list has 6 companies from that sector.

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