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Top power banks on budget- Technology News, FP

Basic PowerBank

This is a 37Wh (10000 mAh) battery bank that comes with smart charging technology. It has 2 USB out ports and both charge your phones at 5V/2A. The in port is a micro-USB one and is also 5V/2A. Veger W1059 supports two-way fast charging and has 4 LED indicators to denote the battery capacity. It weighs 250g and 6.7 mm thin.


Zinq 10000mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank supports 12W fast charging. It has two USB inputs along with one micro-USB and one USB Type-C input. The USB each outputs 5V/2.4A for fast charging. It weighs 250gs and is 7 mm thin. It features a rounded square design that is easier to grip in one hand. Since it supports USB, it can be used with the latest iPhone cables that come in the box.

Fast charging

Now, this is an absolutely versatile bank. This power bank can output up to 37W and what that means is you can charge your Macbook Air with this bank. There are dual USB ports for output along with a single input port which is micro-USB. It offers fast charging for smartphones. PunnkFunnk Slim91 comes with 12 layers of circuit protection as it is able to support larger devices like a laptop. It weighs 150 gms and is 13 mm in thickness.

Mini bank

Intex is no stranger when it comes to electronic accessories like power banks. Their latest offering packs a 10000mAh battery into almost a credit card-sized square block. Intex 10000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank Mini comes with a tiny LED display that displays the battery percentage. It supports fast charging and comes with two input ports – one micro USB and one Type-C and two output ports – standard USB Type-A that support fast charging. It is small but a little thick and can fit in your pocket.

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