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Track your tyre pressure with these cool monitoring systems- Technology News, FP

Hassle-free air pressure monitor

Made from automotive-grade material, this air pressure monitoring system is a great DIY solution to check your tyre’s inflation. These sensors monitor your tyre’s pressure and display results in the dedicated smartphone app using advanced Bluetooth technology. Designed to deliver an accuracy of 0.1psi, you’ll always get precise readings. These external sensors attach easily to the air valve and come with an anti-theft nut to keep them secure. Each sensor boasts a pressure range of 10psi-130psi, so you get the flexibility to use them on your car or bike’s tyres.
For easy setup and hassle free-monitoring, choose these sensors.

Hand-held pressure gauge

Compact and loaded with features, this battery-operated gauge is an excellent addition to your car’s glove box. Just like a traditional air pressure gauge, you only have to press the nozzle against the air valve to check the tyre’s pressure. We appreciate the LCD’s blue backlight that gives you clear readings even in darkness. You’ll find switching between pressure units effortless, and it displays results in PSI, BAR, KPA, and Kg/Cm2 at the press of a button. As a bonus, it also includes handy fold-out tools that include a scissor, screwdriver, pliers, and a seat-belt cutter. If you’re looking for a capable digital air pressure gauge, this one’s for you.

Premium travel-friendly gauge

Brought to you by one of the world’s leading tyre manufacturers, this digital gauge delivers accurate results between 5 and 99PSI. It features a soft silicone housing, two tactile buttons, a large backlit LED screen, and has an inbuilt flashlight to help you check the tyre and valves in low light conditions. Thanks to its compact and lightweight design you can clip it onto your keychain, so it’s always accessible. A noteworthy feature is that it has three convertible pressure units so you can get the proper air pressure for your tyre without any guesswork.
We highly recommend this pressure gauge for its reliable performance and space-saving design.

All-round tyre monitoring

This system includes four external air valve sensors and a small receiver unit that mounts on your car’s dashboard. With an IP67 rating, the sensors have a durable design that can withstand the harshest environments. The sensors communicate via Bluetooth and display each tyre’s pressure and temperature precisely, in real-time on the receiver’s user-friendly interface. We appreciate that you have the flexibility to charge the receiver unit through a USB cable or the integrated solar panel. Its other features include easy installation, abnormal pressure alerts, and smartphone app compatibility. To get the best performance from your tyres, we recommend investing in this tyre monitoring system.

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