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USB Hubs for budget friendly users- Technology News, FP

4 port USB Hub
The most basic of USB Hubs from Zinq. Zinq Technologies ZQ4H features 4 ports (2 on either side) and a single 1.5-meter long cable to connect with your laptop. All ports are USB Type-A so it’s not for Mac users. It supports Mac, Linux & Windows along with PlayStation and Xbox. Also has an adaptable USB speed that detects various ports connected to it and adjusts voltage and transfer speeds. Plug & Play – no additional drivers required.

Hub with a switch
The Quantum QHM6660 hub has a built-in switch that makes sure that your USB is well protected even if it’s plugged in. Comes with 4 ports which are all USB 2.0 & Type-A. It also has an LED indicator. Supports both Windows & Mac. It has 1 year of warranty. The input port is also USB Type-A so it can’t be used in latest Macs without a Type-C to Type-A adapter.

rts Portable Mini USB Expander hub comes with 4 USB Type-A ports and all are USB 3.0. They are also ultrafast and come with 5Gbps high-speed data transfer. It has compatibility with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android & iOS but again as its input port is Type-A so you will also need an adapter on the latest Macs and iOS devices. It has a 300MB/s transfer speed and has a built-in surge protector.

Universal hub
The latest USB hub comes with 4 USB Type-A ports of USB 3.1 category. What’s unique about it is the fact that it has a Type-C input port that will seamlessly support the latest Macs, Android & iOS devices alongside Windows & Linux devices. Since its USB 3.1 GEN1, it supports blazing-fast transfer speeds and is backward compatible with up to USB 1.1. QZ USB C Hub has USB over-current protection for power failure or overload and protects your devices.

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