Vital Tools For Interviewing Experts

There are four pieces of equipment that you need to get started interviewing experts.

The first is an instrument that enables you to record your interviews. Ten years ago, the great majority of audio interviews would have been recorded on tape. A lot has changed in that period and I would say most people would use a device that records digitally today.

I use a simple Sony digital recorder that I bought about six years ago for only around $90. Upon the completion of each interview, I plug the digital recorder into the USB port of my computer and then save the file.

The format I save it in is MP3. It is a format that is ideal for what I do because though the amount of space it takes up on the computer is much smaller than that the typical 60 minute CD you might buy of Madonna or U2, the difference in sound is almost undetectable to the human ear.

What this means is that I can be comfortable in the knowledge that my MP3 recordings are of good enough quality for my listeners, yet still small enough in file size that they can download them relatively quickly.

And make no mistake…

The fact that people can access my information quickly and easily is one of the reasons my site is so successful.

The second piece of equipment you’re going to need is something to capture your audio interview. You’re going to need a telephone.

I recommend you use a wired phone. You don’t want a cordless or a cell phone.

And for some reason, I’ve found that the older wired phones provide a better sound than do the newer ones. So you might be able to pick one up that fits the bill at a garage sale or from Craigslist or eBay.

The third piece of equipment you’re going to need this device that plugs into your digital recorder and the back of the phone so that you can record both sides of the conversation.

The final piece of equipment that will help you get your business interviewing experts up and running is editing software.

Now let me say, you don’t have to edit your recordings. You could just make them available as they are.

I like to edit mine though because I think it enhances the listening experience for my clients.

Basically, I’m trying to connect with them; to make them feel comfortable with me so that they want to come back, and perhaps even buy one of my products.

The more I can make listening a pleasurable experience for them, the better. So I try to chop out the boring stuff, the pauses and the ums and ahs.

The software I use is a version of Gold Wave. You can find them at their website, I use version 4.26. It’s what I learned on and what I’m comfortable with.

But I know that there are lots of different types of audio editing software. It’s just a matter of finding one you’re comfortable with. 


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