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Want to Be Invisible? Now It's Not Just a Fantasy, It's Reality!

In a breakthrough that seems to be straight out of a science fiction narrative, a dedicated team has successfully developed 25 fully operational invisibility shields. Now, they are reaching out for public support to propel this innovative project forward and make these shields accessible to all.

After witnessing a decline in developments around invisibility technology post-2020, the team took it upon themselves to rejuvenate the dream that seemed to be slipping away. Through relentless testing and iterations, they managed to craft what they believe to be the most sophisticated invisibility shields ever created.

The technology behind these shields is nothing short of revolutionary. Utilising a lens array engineered with impeccable precision, the shields manipulate light in a manner that effectively renders the user invisible against various backgrounds. This is achieved by deflecting the light reflected from the user and scattering it across the shield, blending seamlessly with surroundings such as foliage, grass, and walls. The production process, honed to perfection, relies on high-precision techniques to shape the lenses and affix them to sturdy scaffolds, avoiding the use of toxic resins entirely.

In a gesture of gratitude, backers of this project will have the chance to own one of these groundbreaking shields. The team emphasises that the shields, while excellent at concealing, are not designed to offer protection against physical attacks. Due to specific restrictions, they are unable to ship to Russia and Belarus.

In addition to their technological advancements, the team showcases a remarkable commitment to environmental sustainability. The shields are fabricated from materials known for their durability and resistance to external elements, and are 100% recyclable. Furthermore, the production process is aligned with eco-friendly principles, promising minimal waste and reduced emissions.

With a structured budget plan in place, the project earmarks a significant portion of the funds for manufacturing, followed by provisions for taxes, fees, and fulfillment. They foresee potential challenges in scaling up production, but are prepared to tackle them head-on, with plans to expand their facilities if the project receives a substantial number of pledges.

Backed by Jellop, a veteran in supporting successful Kickstarter projects, and recognised as one of ProductHype’s best projects of 2022, the team is poised to redefine reality as we know it. They invite the public to join them on this revolutionary journey, to transition invisibility shields from science fiction to a tangible reality, marking a significant milestone in technological advancement.

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