What I Learned From New Kids on The Block About Growing Your Business

Yes. A 90’s boy band could help you grow your business.

Here’s how:

A large majority of small business owners (yes, you!) are suffering from head-in-the-sand syndrome. Leveraging the internet to grow your business is something you know you should look at. But without a thorough understanding of the risks, rewards and how-to’s it’s tempting to put your head in the sand and hope it will all just go away.

Unlike New Kids on the Block, the internet as a marketing tool is not fading away.

Internet marketing is certainly not a magical solution that will instantly deliver thousands of sales. But it is an important tool that more and more small businesses are using to successfully grow their businesses.

It may be beneficial to you to evaluate whether internet marketing could benefit you too. But where do you start?

In 1990, NKYOTB released their song “Step By Step” and we feel that’s fabulous advice. In this article you’ll find 4 easy steps to making your decision.

Understanding, Evaluating & Implementing Internet Marketing: Step-by-Step

Step One!

Understand why it’s important to consider implementing internet marketing-The reason for all the buzz about Internet Marketing is because it works. Both in my business and in my client’s businesses I have seen a positive impact on the bottom line. Translation= Increased leads and increased sales.

Step Two!

Consider- the possible risks & rewards of ignoring versus implementing internet marketing in your business.

Some risks of implementation may include sacrificing more time on learning & implementing how to’s internally, spending money without guaranteed results externally (unless of course you choose us, in which case we guarantee results!, losing out on sales to your competition who are already marketing online, appearing to be behind the times or continuing to spend marketing money without knowing what works.

Rewards include: tracking all your efforts for success with online analytics tools, increased credibility, exposure & sales, gaining a reputation of staying current, a thought leader in your industry, or no increase in immediate expenses.

Step Three!

Evaluate your situation:

If your target market is indeed using the internet to pre-shop or even shop, and the leaders in your industry have a presence on the Internet, chances are you would benefit from taking a closer look.

Gather some information on your clients, prospective clients and competitors. In some cases, your target market may not hang out online. But if they do, you may want to find out where (Google versus Facebook, for example.) Also understand that by starting now you will be ahead of some of your competitors and behind others.

Step Four!


If you’ve decided that Internet Marketing is something you would like to get started on, do a little research. Decide whether you will be doing your internet marketing yourself, delegating this task to an employee, or hiring a professional firm.

Your decision should depend completely upon your time and money resources as well as what is the most valuable use of your time.

Whether you choose to learn by experience, get some training or hire a company to do your internet marketing for you, think of NKOTB and their advice.

Although it might seem easier to ignore, just tackle it Step by Step and you’re bound to succeed.


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