Why 95% of Internet Marketers Fail to Succeed

I generally applaud a positive attitude and a worry-free outlook towards what the future will bring. However, when it comes to facing very high odds of failure, it’s prudent to take a VERY careful and intentional approach, over delving right in, unprepared and uneducated, hoping for success.

I have respect for those who “dive right in,” and, many have done this and have met with great success. It’s exciting and tests our faith, tenacity and resolve. However, it’s usually a failure tactic. This article is here to keep you, who have chosen to try to make money online, from having an utter and catastrophic failure, leaving you depressed, confused and broke.

Can YOU be in the 5% that succeeds on the internet as a marketer? The answer is yes. Outside of a “never say die” mentality, what is needed is to be prepared and have the basics: computer, internet connection, a fantastic work ethic and a positive attitude. Being prepared means to educate yourself, which is easy and free to do, online. The crucial consideration many overlook, though, is to present themselves to their potential customers with a fabulous, expensive-looking logo and website that looks like you they are established and successful. To close sales, you MUST have a well-made sales video. Without these, you aren’t properly equipped for success, and will likely fail.

Many believe that it’s out of their range of affordability to pay a professional to create for them a professional and successful-looking image. Not all companies overcharge for high quality graphics and videos. Shop around and find the company that refuses to gouge their customers, and you’ll be able to present yourself in a manner that will keep you from the being in the dreaded 95%!

The other aspects of being successful in any business enterprise, which must be provided by you – and only you – are tenacity, perseverance, commitment, resolve, drive, creativity, patience, awareness of market trends, determination, persistence and hope. These cannot be provided from an outside source, at any cost.

Many believe that without money and the proper connections, it’s impossible to succeed. But, this is completely not the case, which is why “money” and “connections” is not included in the last paragraph. Money and connections can help to reach success more quickly, but it doesn’t always, and, many people starting businesses with lots of capital have failed when others with pennies and no credit have become wildly successful.

The true business success is somebody who refuses to quit, regardless of how many setbacks and challenges. Only the person who quits will ever fail at anything they set out to do. Don’t worry about whether you know what to do and how. Just go out there and do it. As you move forward, everything you need will appear before you, almost like magic. Because, the mind is very powerful and when you move in the directions of your dream, you are sending a thought backed by action to the Universe, which must bend to your command!


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