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Why Do Some Businesses Use Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency, digital wallets, and crypto exchanges are making significant waves in the business community these days. With Elon Musk and Tesla purchasing $1.5 billion in Bitcoin recently, there is much talk of businesses continuing to expand into the crypto space in order to bolster their accepted currencies for transactions with clients, borrowers, and other large and small businesses. So, why should a business use crypto? Cryptocurrencies and their corresponding digital wallets are speculative instruments for trading, aren’t they?

The truth is there are a number of reasons why Tesla and others are beginning to bet big on cryptocurrencies and working to incorporate these decentralized collateral purchasing options into the ongoing business strategy. As a consumer, investor, business owner, or borrower on the cutting edge of news, technology, and trending marketplaces, you should be up on these benefits too.

Cryptocurrencies are living, growing assets

Not only can Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other crypto-assets be leveraged for purchasing, you can also hold onto these instruments as a growth vehicle. This means that a healthy crypto wallet (like the ones offered by Coinbase, or a physical asset like the Ledger Nano S, Ledger Nano X, or Trezor Model T) acts as both a high-interest savings account and immediate access checking wrapper as well. The continued rise in the price of these assets (particularly Bitcoin’s spectacular run in recent months) signals that crypto will continue to appreciate in value relative to the Dollar, Euro, or Pound. Furthermore, holding these assets functions both as a strong savings strategy and a way to expand purchasing power for the future. 

Finding the best Bitcoin wallet is paramount for asset collectors looking to add or move digital currencies into a secure holding container. Because these assets grow over time like stocks but function for purchasing in the same manner as fiat currencies, they are highly targeted by scammers and hackers. A secure digital wallet is the best way to protect this asset from all manner of problems that may arise.

Crypto offers zero or minimal transaction fees

While Visa, MasterCard, and others charge 2 percent or more on transactions, cryptocurrency enables purchasing that can be done fee-free, or with a less than 1 percent charge. This helps merchants keep their costs low and retain more of the purchase price that they are selling their goods or services. This makes vendors very happy and is one primary reason why more businesses are beginning to offer their products in exchange for additional currency options beyond the fiat currency of the U.S. dollar. With a digital wallet, you can quickly exchange currencies and send payment securely to vendors without thinking about additional costs, transaction fees, or security breaches that often accompany credit card payments.

Cryptocurrency provides a platform for future growth

In addition to the purchasing power that cryptocurrencies offer consumers, businesses can also tap into the power of these investment-grade currencies by working to compare business loans in Bitcoin or procurement of supplies with Ethereum. These advanced options give businesses the opportunity to reduce overhead costs and secure funding without the traditional interest rates attached to their business loan amounts. With a solid foot in the cryptocurrency space, a business can grow its product range and earn a line of interest on its free cash in relation to the U.S. dollar. 

A bitcoin wallet provides a business entity with growth power and the option to quickly exchange currencies in order to pay salaries or other bill in dollars at a favorable rate. By changing the frame of reference your company can begin to earn a significant interest rate on its free capital reserves rather than thinking purely in relation to expenses and loan repayment obligations. Making your money work for you is a fantastic way to build your business’ service lineup and invite many new customers to participate alongside you in the digital revolution.

As cryptocurrencies continue to gain purchase in the mainstream market, don’t be surprised to see many more options for consumers in the near future.

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