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Why We’ve Added XING to the Oktopost Advocacy Board

Today, we have some good news for our Deutsche Freunde: we’ve added XING to the Oktopost employee advocacy platform. Now your team members that are active on this German professional social network will be able to share company content with a few easy clicks.

XING is one of the largest career-oriented social networking site, primarily focused on the DACH market (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). Many of our EU-based customers operate in this area, with local offices, employees, and – most importantly – buyers and decision-makers that they want to engage. Our integration with XING will help you meaningfully amplify your social reach on the German-speaking market and beyond. Actually, XING has over 19 million users networking in 16 languages and over 22,000 groups and events from all over the world. This is quite a target-rich environment for everyone doing business globally as well.

For those of our customers who are already active on XING, Oktopost offers unprecedented capabilities to have control over company-related content that your employees put out and ultimately have the ownership of the engagement data generated by it. You can use this data to complete a 360-degree view of your buyers, improve customer experiences and attribute new opportunities to social media.

If you don’t already have XING as part of your social media marketing strategy but would like to, our new integration is a perfect gateway for pushing your brand content out there, creating some buzz, and building an organic presence on this network.

Getting Started with XING

To get started, your advocates need to add their XING accounts to the Social Profiles tab inside the Advocacy Board – where they have their other accounts connected.

Similar to our Facebook and Instagram integrations, XING only allows native sharing, which means after advocates click Share, they will be taken from Oktopost to a native sharing dialog. The workflow is really seamless to ensure your advocates don’t spend extra time trying to figure out how it works.

Customize Your Social Network Roster

Along with the XING integration, we’ve introduced a new feature that enables program admins to configure which channels are available to advocates when they connect their social profiles to Oktopost. You can find this setting in Advocacy > Your Board > Settings:

Now admins can pick and choose specific channels they want advocates to have. This includes not only various networks but also different types of social accounts (e.g. Facebook profile vs. Facebook page).

This feature will allow marketers to focus their advocacy program on desired social channels and ensure that advocates have frictionless platform onboarding when they initially add social profiles to the board and browse available content.

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