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Why Your Storefront Layout Matters


When a customer visits your storefront, they expect a simple, understandable experience. If you present them with meandering aisles and confusing signage, they will quickly become frustrated—and frustration is the last thing you want in customers. Here’s why your storefront layout matters.

Navigability Impacts Customer Experience

People who visit your store expect an easy-to-navigate space where they can quickly and easily find what they want. Navigability directly impacts the customer experience. It’s human nature to become frustrated when you lose your way, especially in a store where items should have a place. Frustration can lead to negative customer reviews and customers who don’t return. While this may sound like a doomsday scenario, it occurs all too often. Avoid customer challenges with a well-designed storefront layout that makes sense, replete with signage and directions.

Product Placement Drives Sales

Every business should use end caps and special racks to drive sales. Thoughtfully placed products draw customer’s attention and increase the likelihood of a purchase. When you organize your storefront with these particular areas in mind, you can entice people to consider buying an extra item. That’s why so many stores add low-cost and impulse buy items near the checkout lanes. These make for a quick profit and are easy for customers to justify in a split-second decision.

Organization Aids Employees

When your staff restocks shelves, you should have a system. Without one, they could misplace items in far corners of the store where people will never find and purchase them. Organizing your storefront allows your team to perform their tasks quickly and keep customers informed. The last thing you want is an unhelpful employee who cannot direct customers to the correct aisle simply because there’s no store structure.

Knowing why your storefront layout matters can drastically improve customer experience. From small businesses to large chains, following retail space planning tips can make a difference in your profitability.

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