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Women don’t enjoy their success. Why?

A KPMG study reveals that 74 percent of women in executive roles found that their male counterparts don’t experience feelings of self-doubt as much as them.

This, in psychological terms, is called the impostor syndrome. The persistent inability to believe that you deserve your success. And data says that more women suffer from it than men.

In fact, even global leaders like Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and former First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama have spoken about being a victim of impostor syndrome. 

An HBR report says women feel this more than their male counterparts primarily because of gender biases and prejudices. And the more they feel like impostors, the more likely they are to drop off from the workforce.

Sadly, it starts even before women join the workforce. A 2019 LinkedIn report found that women are less aggressive than men when it comes to applying for jobs. Read more.

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The Interview

Flipkart, India’s leading ecommerce marketplace, is driving innovation both from within the company and collaborating with outside players

Its dedicated initiative to empower less privileged sections of the society is bringing the benefits of economies to reach this Rajasthan-based home decor brand employing local artisans. Watch the video to see why Flipkart Samarth is an integral part of KC Arts.

Editor’s Pick: Monday Motivation

Sumit Agarwal remembers not having many friends growing up. Born prematurely at seven months, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, which significantly impacted his motor ability. 

He remembers being mocked and isolated by both his teachers and classmates, who would either taunt him or doubt his abilities to progress academically. However, Sumit is now ‘obsessed’ with helping people, building relationships, and discovering what drives human beings. Read more.

Startup Spotlight

Remote monitoring solutions for patients in home isolation

The need for online services has gone up significantly during the second COVID-19 wave as the increasing number of cases is adding pressure on the already exhausted healthcare sector. And, many patients are finding it difficult to get consultations and access to hospitals. 

To solve this problem and reduce the burden on hospital infrastructure, Pune-based home healthcare startup MedRabbits is providing remote health monitoring solutions to enable doctors to track patient’s health and connect with them immediately in case of any health issues. Read more

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“I define PR as dealing with the crucial dynamics of deeper connectivity with people across all sections of society. That’s what I did then — surrounded by people fighting death, struggling to outrun my loneliness and isolation. And that’s what I do now.”

Sumit Agarwal, PR entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and inclusion rights activist

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