You are currently viewing YourStory’s Future of Work 2022 is here

YourStory’s Future of Work 2022 is here

Is it 2021 or 2022? If you find yourself doing a double-take on the date just to be sure which year it is, you aren’t alone. 

From remote work to hybrid work to online meetings, the world, especially modern-day offices, has seen radical changes. It has been a lot to keep up with. 

Who would have thought that once a side-hustle, the gig economy, would boost the economy?  Or that new-age human-machine collaborations riding on the power of intelligent and intuitive technologies, would be already reimagining the future?

Another big change brought about by the COVID-19-induced remote work is the rise of women in tech. 

To weigh in on these changes, we’re excited to announce the fifth edition of Future of Work 2022 — a two-day virtual conference by YourStory — kickstarting on March 28, 2022. 

We ask the best minds in technology, product, and design, about their agendas and vision with the aim to drive decisive, actionable insights and equip organisations and leaders to better predict and prepare for the future.

The opening session would be presided over by Jack Condon, Evangelist, Epic Games. Catch Jack demystifying the ‘Unreal’ world of real-time animation in this session titled ‘Creating real-time ICVFX /animation in the hybrid world.’ 

Speakers such as Vidhya Seetharaman, Chief of Staff to CTO (Chief Technology Officer), Swiggy; Megha Yethadka, Senior Director, Program Management, Tech & Head, Global Scaled Solutions, Uber; Dr Geetha Manjunath, Founder and CEO, NIRAMAI, will share their vision on empowering women leaders in tech. Read more

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Editor’s Pick: CropIn’s big gamble

When CropIn was founded in 2010 by first-time entrepreneurs Krishna Kumar, Kunal Prasad, and Chittaranjan Jena (who left the company in 2019), there were few technology solutions for the agriculture sector. However, the startup’s persistence led it to find success in a nascent market.

During the onset of COVID-19 in 2020, Cropin CEO Krishna had to take another tough call – to focus on the large and mid-market enterprises. And it paid off. Read more

Startup Spotlight

Handbags for every budget

Launched in 2019 by Mohit Jain, Miraggio says it sells trendy, fashionable handbags at affordable prices. In just two years, the brand is growing 50 percent month-on-month and is eyeing Rs 30 crore revenue by next fiscal.

Miraggio recently added more products like card cases and wallets, and in the next six to eight months, Mohit plans to introduce travel accessories and small leather goods as well. Read more. 

News & Updates

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said India achieving its export target of $400 billion this fiscal shows that the demand for its items is increasing all over the world, and asserted that when every Indian gets ‘vocal for local’, it does not take much time for the “local to become global”.
  • Engineering, telecom, and healthcare sectors are likely to add close to 12 million new jobs by FY26, largely due to the focus on recovery along with technology proliferation and digitisation in these segments, according to a report by TeamLease Digital.
  •  Tesla founder Elon Musk is apparently  “giving serious thought” to the possibility of a new social media platform, according to a new Twitter exchange between the tech genius and software developer Pranay Pathole. 

Before you go, stay inspired with… 

“Our entire belief till probably five years ago was that we needed the government to solve our problems. Now, entrepreneurs are India’s future.”

Rajesh Jain, Netcore Cloud

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