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YouTube tests Ai-generated quizzes on its mobile app

Video-sharing platform YouTube is testing AI-generated quizzes on its mobile app for iOS and Android devices, specifically designed to help viewers delve deeper into educational content.

With AI-generated quizzes, YouTube seeks to offer users an interactive experience. The quizzes are currently being tested globally among a small percentage of users who regularly watch educational videos. The quizzes will appear as links under recently watched videos on the home feed, exclusively for a select portion of English-language content, according to a post on the company’s community page.

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Several popular educational channels, such as TED-Ed and HowToBasic, have amassed millions of subscribers, demonstrating the demand for educational material on the platform. TED-Ed, boasting 18.8 million subscribers, and HowToBasic, with 17.3 million subscribers, have effectively blended education and entertainment to engage viewers. Additionally, many teachers leverage YouTube to create educational content and share videos with their students, making it a valuable resource for educators.

In addition to the AI-generated quizzes, YouTube has been actively testing other features, including a three-strikes ad-blocking policy and a new lock screen feature for Premium subscribers.

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