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Zomato launches AI-powered food discovery companion Zomato AI

Foodtech firm Zomato Limited has launched Zomato AI, an AI-powered food discovery companion that is designed to cater to users’ preferences, dietary needs, and moods.

Available on the latest version of the platform application, Zomato AI offers convenience, personalisation, and culinary delight, thus pushing the boundaries of traditional chatbots, said the company in a statement.

One of the features of Zomato AI is the multiple agent framework that offers diverse prompts for various tasks, providing multiple superpowers to serve customers at any time, it added.

“Craving a specific dish? Zomato AI will present you with a widget, listing all the restaurants serving your desired dish. Unsure about what to order? No problem! Zomato AI can suggest a list of popular dishes or restaurants, taking the guesswork out of your meal selection,” Zomato stated.

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Zomato AI is aimed to enhance user experience by offering a seamless, natural texting style. Customers can send multiple messages, to which Zomato AI will respond in near real-time, said the statement.

Zomato AI is adept at handling complex queries, said the company.

“It’s equipped to answer tough questions like What should I eat when I’m hungover? or Can I eat something high in protein and low in carbohydrates?” said the statement.

It satisfies users’ cravings and helps them find the perfect dishes for their rumbling bellies, it added.

This feature will be rolled out in phases exclusively for Zomato Gold customers.

Meanwhile, according to a report, the company has introduced a platform fee of Rs 2 per order. The fee will be charged irrespective of the value of the shopping basket.

The Gurugram-based company posted its first-ever profitable quarter, bringing some much-needed cheer to its investors and the bourses. It recorded a profit of Rs 2 crore in the first quarter of FY24. It had faced a loss of Rs 186 crore in the same quarter last year.

Helped by massive growth in Hyperpure, a B2B platform for kitchen supplies, the company’s operating revenues grew 71% to Rs 2,416 crore from Rs 1,414 crore in the first quarter of last year.

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