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Building a good reputation for your business means keeping up top-notch communication. You need a VoIP phone service with a solid foundation and advanced features that can help you do that.

When you can communicate across many channels, you make more business connections and help more customers. As a result, you grow your business.

If you’re looking for a new VoIP provider, consider 1-VoIP. It offers a scalable, straightforward system that’s easy to use, even if you don’t know your tech. Let’s compare it with a few other VoIP systems to help you decide whether it’s right for your business.

1-VoIP Pros and Cons


  • Affordable
  • User-friendly interface
  • Excellent customer support
  • Straightforward and scalable


  • No video conferencing
  • Fewer advanced features

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We reviewed dozens of VoIP phone services and narrowed them down to the best options.

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How 1-VoIP Compares to Top VoIP Phone Services

1-VoIP gives you everything you need in terms of basic calling features. It also comes with more advanced ones that you’ll almost certainly need for a growing business. The company has packages for both business and residential customers, making it flexible for almost everyone.

The company offers a free setup, putting it a step ahead of other providers, like AXVoice. It also has comparable features when it comes to international calling, putting it on par with popular services like VoIPLy and Vonage.

Although 1-VoIP offers excellent customer service, it also gives you tons of helpful resources if you don’t want to jump straight to calling customer support. Still, they lack some support channels, like instant chat and online ticket submissions, which you can find with VoIPLy.

1-VoIP’s biggest shortcoming is that it doesn’t have video conferencing. If your team does a lot of video calling, you may want to consider RingCentral or VoIPLy, both of which have video conferencing at comparable prices. They’re both highly rated with other quality features that you can find with 1-VoIP.


1-VoIP Call Quality

Having a high-quality phone system can boost your company’s reputation. It shows you care about the quality of your conversations with customers and that you want to help solve their problems. Better call quality ultimately leads to a better customer experience.

1-VoIP is known for its excellent call quality. With minimal complaints, it’s a step up from VoIPLy, which has mixed reviews. 1-VoIP’s high-definition system works with most headsets, so you can use the system in whatever way works for your team while maintaining great audio quality.

The system keeps its call quality, whether you make domestic or international calls. It lets you stay connected with everyone without worrying about dropped lines or crackly phone calls. The system’s call quality shines above many of its other features and makes it stand out compared to other services.

1-VoIP Pricing

A low price shouldn’t be your top priority when it comes to finding a VoIP phone service, but it is an important point to consider. You must know what your budget allows for and what you need for your business to function at its best. Remember, you can always upgrade your package as your business grows, but you want something that lasts, too.

Here’s a look at 1-VoIP’s business phone service pricing:

1-VoIP has competitive pricing, but you can find cheaper options with similar features. VoIPLy is a few dollars cheaper per month and offers just as much. With VoIPLy, you have unlimited calling to more than 50 countries, plus video conferencing, and the company has a good reputation.

With 1-VoIP, you pay by extension and per month, as opposed to only per month, like with VoIPLy and AXVoice. You don’t have to sign a contract with 1-VoIP, though other top brands like Vonage also skip the contract.

1-VoIP has three packages with business VoIP:

  • Metered: $14.97/mo/extension
  • Corporate: $19.97/mo/extension
  • Professional: $29.97/mo/extension

With the Metered plan, you pay a per-minute rate of 2 cents. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but if your team makes a lot of calls, it adds up. It may be worth getting the next package up or going for another VoIP system that doesn’t apply this type of charge.

1-VoIP Advanced Calling Features

You want a phone system that serves your business well with both basic and advanced features. 1-VoIP has you covered with call forwarding, superior call quality, caller ID, call waiting, call blocking, and more. But it has plenty of advanced features to go with its strong basics.

When it comes to advanced features, 1-VoIP offers many of the same ones as VoIPLy, including:

  • Advanced call forwarding
  • Anonymous call rejection
  • Privacy options
  • Three-way calling
  • Call recording
  • Virtual phone number
  • Selective call acceptance and rejection
  • Free paperless fax

Unfortunately, 1-VoIP does not come with voicemail transcription. If that’s something that helps your team function better, go with a provider that does have it, like VoIPLy.

1-VoIP has advanced features. However, not all of these are built-in. While you can use them with the system, you’ll need to get a third-party app to make them work. 1-VoIP also does not have SIP in its standard packages, but you can connect it for an additional fee.

1-VoIP International Calling

1-VoIP gives you international calling, as well as unlimited calls in the United States and Canada. International rates vary based on your location, so you have to check their website for rates in your area.

1-VoIP’s residential package has an option for their World Unlimited Plan, which lets you make unlimited calls to over 30 countries. That package doesn’t quite measure up against VoIPLy, which allows you to make unlimited calls with their packages to over 50 countries. Some Vonage plans also give you unlimited international calling.

You might find it difficult to look up numbers for the international calling feature because of the system’s input field, which is one of the platform’s only less intuitive parts. If you don’t do much international calling, you may find that 1-VoIP suits your team’s needs. Still, if you don’t need the system’s other advanced features, it may not be worth buying the most expensive package just to have unlimited international calling when you could get more with another provider.

1-VoIP Customer Support

While you support your customers, you want to know that your VoIP service company will support you, too. In this case, good customer service trickles down. If your VoIP company’s customer support gets you up and running faster, that means you can get back to your customers faster, instead of waiting for the next available agent.

Luckily, 1-VoIP is rated number one in customer support. They have 24/7 customer service, so you don’t have to worry about being unable to reach a representative when you need them.

However, 1-VoIP does not have customer support on all channels, which might make it harder to get in touch with them if you don’t have time to call. You can only reach them through email or by calling the company.

Other companies make their support more accessible. VoIPLy has online ticket submission and an instant chat system, too. When it comes to customer service quality, 1-VoIP beats out both companies, so consider that when you make your final decision.

Much of 1-VoIP’s customer service comes as more of a self-serve system. They have plenty of e-guides, video resources, and FAQs to help you learn and troubleshoot if you want to try solving the issue on your own.

1-VoIP Mobile Features

Remote workers need mobile features to do their jobs well. Whether that means forwarding calls to mobile or having the ability to answer calls from your cell phone when you’re not in the office, a mobile app can make running your business more convenient.

Mobile features give your VoIP system more flexibility, which in turn means you have a more versatile business. You can use mobile features with 1-VoIP, but they’re not built-in like with RingCentral. 1-VoIP also doesn’t come with built-in web-based SMS or softphone capabilities.

You need a third-party app if you want any of these features. That can add up in price, especially if you don’t already have a third-party app to connect. If you do have one already, connecting it doesn’t require any complex setup.

1-VoIP Design and Interface

When you get a VoIP system, your team should be able to use it without any trouble. An intuitive interface makes things efficient, as it allows everyone to find the features they need right away. It also makes setup quick, so you can get to work in minutes instead of days.

1-VoIP has a reputation for its user-friendly design. It comes with free setup, but you can configure it yourself, too, using 1-VoIP’s video resources. The videos and walkthroughs give you instructions on how to set up the system so that even people without much technical knowledge can put it together.

Once you’ve gotten past the first couple of steps, you just need to put your information into your account. Everything is right in front of you, which tells you that 1-VoIP has really considered their customers.

They make sure you can find any customer support resources you might need while setting up your platform and configuring your settings. The platform lists all features under the Features menu, so you don’t have to search for anything in obscure nooks and crannies to find what you’re looking for.

1-VoIP Video Conferencing

Many businesses use video conferencing to connect with other companies and even conduct interviews. If yours is one of them, you should probably skip 1-VoIP.

1-VoIP’s phone system doesn’t have video conferencing with any of its packages. However, you can get this feature with most other VoIP phone services, like RingCentral or VoIPLy, without paying more than you would for 1-VoIP.

Residential VoIP

1-VoIP’s Residential VoIP system works well if you’re a one-person business. It offers many of the same features as the business packages but is tailored for fewer people. In these packages, you can find features like:

  • Voicemail to email
  • Virtual fax
  • Whitelist and blacklist
  • Digital call forward
  • Anonymous call reject

Residential VoIP can help you save money, compared to a subscription with a regular phone company. It gives you more control over your home phone and helps you run your business from home when you need more than a basic landline or cell phone.

You can get 1-VoIP’s residential VoIP system with three plans:

  • Value: At $8.97, you can take advantage of unlimited incoming calls and 500 outgoing minutes. You get all premium features, and the system includes all the hardware you need.
  • US & Canada Unlimited: For $17.97, you get unlimited incoming and outgoing calls in North America, plus all Value features.
  • World Unlimited: $23.97 gets you unlimited incoming and outgoing calls to over 30 countries, plus all US & Canada Unlimited package features.

Business VoIP

Business VoIP is ideal if you plan to grow your business. It can save you up to 53% on phone bills with 1-VoIP, and it has over 40 business features. That means you have plenty of ways to serve your customers and make connections with other businesses.

Without contracts or cancellation fees, this service connects to your existing phones. In other words, you don’t need to make any major changes to the way your team functions.

You can get business VoIP service in three packages:

  • Metered: $14.97/mo/extension
  • Corporate: $19.97/mo/extension
  • Professional: $29.97/mo/extension

The professional package also includes a phone number and extension. Each tier includes all business features, so you won’t miss out if you buy a cheaper package.

SIP Trunking

1-VoIP may not come with built-in SIP, but you can connect it with a special SIP trunking service. With 99.999% uptime, you’ll know you have reliable service with 1-VoIP. A SIP trunk allows you to make calls using the internet by connecting to your PBX, as opposed to your average handset.

You can get SIP trunking through 1-VoIP in three packages:

  • US & Canada Number: $4.95/mo/number
  • SIP Trunking Minute Bundle: $25/mo
  • Toll-Free Number: $5.95/mo/number

The SIP Trunking Minute Bundle package gives you more customizable options than the rest. With the US & Canada and SIP Trunking Minute Bundle packages, you get unlimited simultaneous calls and unlimited incoming minutes.

Compare The Best VoIP Phone Services

We reviewed dozens of VoIP phone services and narrowed them down to the best options.

See Top Picks


Overall, 1-VoIP doesn’t stand out as overwhelmingly better than most other VoIP service providers. Without video conferencing, it also puts itself at a disadvantage.

However, it’s still a very solid option. Its excellent call quality and customer service give you the support you need to serve your customers. Its international calling capability means you aren’t limited on where you can call, and you can broaden its scope with third-party apps that let you take advantage of mobile features.

1-VoIP’s reasonable pricing, intuitive platform, and comprehensive voice features make it a great option for most types of businesses. If you only need a system with strong basics and a few advanced features, 1-VoIP has what you need to start a new business or grow your existing one.

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