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10 writing tips to help you sound more human
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As a blogger, you will be judged by everything you say. Of course, unless you’ve just starting out and have never received a comment on your blog, you probably already know this.

But did you know you will also be judged by how you say it? Depending on the words you use you may come across as trustworthy or shifty, stiff or relaxed, friendly or unfriendly, genuine or fake, robotic or human.

And it’s that last one that I’d like to tackle today by giving you some writing tips to help you sound more human. As I’ve said many times, one of your goals as a blogger is to build relationships with your readers. But that’s unlikely to happen (at least not quickly) if everything you writer makes you sound like a robot.

And it’s not just blog posts you need to think about. You also need to sound human in your social media posts, your emails, and even in the microcopy you write your website such as your 404 page.

So here are ten things you can do to sound less like a robot and more like a human being.

1. Use more contractions

When you’re talking to someone face to face, chances are you’ll use a lot of contractions – “we’re” instead of “we are”, “you’ll” instead or “you will” (as I used in this sentence), and so on.

And you should also use them in your blog posts.

A lot of people think you need to be more formal when you’re writing. But as J. Michael Straczynski once said, “Good writing […] is nothing more or less than speaking on paper. It’s the development of your natural voice.”

And this is especially true if you’re writing an apology or delivering bad news. Because in those instances you don’t need to be formal.

You need to be sincere.

2. Use

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