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3 Must-Dos to Demonstrate *True* Inclusion and Diversity in Your Marketing –

The majority of people in the United States feel underrepresented in media and marketing campaigns, and there is more interest in what brands are doing to address this issue given the social changes that are sweeping the nation. Because of this, diversity marketing is becoming a cornerstone through recognizing and actively including the many different groups of people that come into contact with ad campaigns.

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Although the words ‘inclusion’ and ‘diversity’ create the image of an umbrella covering a wide audience, efforts to diversify marketing strategies must be fine-tuned to target very specific audiences and meet them in the places where they will come into contact with your brand. There are many ways to help your brand begin to effectively embrace the diversity that has gone unnoticed and underappreciated. In this post, we’ll cover three of them:

>Diversify your teamPerform market research Let your customers’ voices be heard

3 ways to incorporate diversity into your marketing strategies

It has become increasingly important that a company is socially aware and willing to include minorities and other groups of people that have, in the past, not typically been included in advertising. This is especially true as online marketing through social media continues to become more streamlined in targeting specific (and potentially sensitive) demographics such as weight and marital status. 

Creating visibility and representation not only has a major impact on how potential clients see a company when choosing where to invest their money, but it also is the key to higher conversion rates.

Here are three ways to create visibility and representation within your brand.

1. Start by diversifying your team

Before we get into how to diversify your team, let’s start out with some stats behind it. 

White males dominate the workforce

Business in the United States is largely dominated by Caucasian males, which bars many women and people of color from making a comparable income.

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Female-owned businesses are taking longer to recover from the pandemic

This has become even worse since the pandemic hit. According to Freshbooks’ most recent Women in the Independent Workforce survey, industries with predominantly female-owned businesses have been

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Title: 3 Must-Dos to Demonstrate *True* Inclusion and Diversity in Your Marketing
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