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5 Key Best Practices for SEO Testing (+9 Ideas to Try Now) –

Just as nature abhors a vacuum, so too do marketers regard uncertainty.

Despite years spent learning the ins and outs of SEO, no marketer knows the exact weight of the more than 300 variables calculated in Google search results—including Google engineers. The company’s advice has been relatively consistent on the matter—create high-quality original content and get inbound links from high authority sites—but this still leaves a lot to the imagination.

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There’s a vast difference between the unknown and the unknowable, however. Marketers can use testing to unveil the relationship between specific page-level variables and search rankings. Read on to learn more about:

>The value of SEO testing.Five SEO testing best practices.Eight SEO tests you can try on your own site.

The added value of SEO testing

It’s both risky and expensive to implement a change across your entire site, so it behooves you to evaluate the impact of changes before committing them in-masse. Using an SEO testing approach, you can change a single page or a group of pages and track the results. Overall, SEO testing gives you a competitive edge against more established players in your industry.

Using a framework for running SEO tests will allow you to base decisions on data instead of opinions.

These updates can help match current expectations while receiving more traffic, increased click-through rates, and higher keyword rankings. As a martech consultancy, we’ve found SEO testing to be amongst our most impactful offerings. 

For instance, thrice-monthly tests with a client in the wellness industry resulted in traffic growth many times its initial performance.

Seo testing best practices traffic growth

And this traffic growth helped influence a simultaneous growth in keyword rankings, seen here represented in the growth of total keywords that received first-page ranking.

Seo testing best practices keywords on first page

These tests are particularly impactful because we’re often tweaking prominent page elements. These

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