5 Steps for Purchasing an Existing Domain Name

Setting up your company’s website can be exciting. There are many benefits to having an online presence, and the right domain and website can help you boost business and increase profits. However, it is possible that the domain name you have your heart set on is already taken. If that is the case, then you may need to consider purchasing it from the holder before launching your website.

1. Visit the Website 

Look around the website to determine whether or not the owner may be willing to sell it. A popular, thriving website is likely not going to be for sale, as the owner will need to go through a lot of trouble to find a new domain and let customers know about the change. However, if the owner has an old, outdated, or unused website, they may be happy to get rid of it. In the best-case scenario, they may have a link or post on the front page advertising the domain as being for sale.

2. Consult With a Broker 

domain name broker can be invaluable when trying to purchase an existing website. Brokers can help you figure out who owns the domain and how to negotiate with them. If you want to remain as anonymous as possible, then the broker can facilitate the process for you. An experienced broker will understand what legal ramifications may be involved and how to initiate the transfer safely and legally. This can allow you to concentrate on other aspects of your business with the assurance that things are proceeding smoothly.

3. Determine the Price 

The age of the website, length of the name, associated keywords, and generic value of the domain all work together to determine how valuable it is. An experienced broker will be able to figure out what a fair price is for the website and assist in the negotiation process. If the owner of the website is reluctant to sell, you may need to offer more money than the website is worth ordinarily. Before negotiating with the owner on a sale price, figure out what the maximum amount is that you are willing to pay.

4. Contact the Domain Holder 

Many people who purchase websites have their information available online. However, some domain owners may have privacy protections in place that will prevent you from finding out who owns your desired website. With the help of a broker, you can search online registries to find contact information. Once you have the contact information, you or your broker can reach out. Remain polite and professional during the inquiry process. Send an email if possible, as that is a quick and easy way to connect with someone. It also provides a written trail for you to review whenever necessary.

5. Negotiate the Transfer 

Once you and the domain owner have agreed on a sale price, you can begin the transfer process. With the help of your broker, you should find a way to send the money securely. Use a third-party transfer system to ensure that your money is paid after you have complete access to the domain. Avoid sending cash or checks directly, as these can be difficult to track if the sale goes wrong. If the transaction is complicated, then it may be wise to consult your broker and an attorney to ensure all applicable state and federal regulations are being properly followed.

While the process of purchasing a domain name may seem complicated, it does not have to be. By sticking to a budget and enlisting the advice of a professional, you can buy a domain name and get your company’s website up and running.

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