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5 Steps to Keep Your Facebook Ads Working in iOS 14 –

Back when we found out about iOS 14, there were a lot of question marks as to when it would be enforced, what it would mean for your Facebook campaigns, and how you could prepare. Now that iOS 14 is in full swing, many questions have been answered—but still more arise.

Like how to run Facebook ads with the conversion objective in iOS 14 as successfully as you did before.

confused advertiser about iOS 14 and facebook ads

And that’s what I aim to answer in this post. I’m going to go over the impact of iOS on Facebook conversion campaigns and then walk you through how to adjust to changes like:

>Facebook domain verification (why it’s now necessary).Facebook Aggregated Event Measurement (what the heck is it?)Eight conversion events per domain (what happened to unlimited?)The seven-day attribution window (so long, 28).

Read on to make sure your success with Facebook conversion campaigns in iOS 14 is as closely matched as possible to your pre-iOS 14 glory days.

The impact of iOS 14 on Facebook conversion campaigns

The functionality of the Facebook pixel itself has been impacted in many ways with iOS 14. If you are like most Facebook advertisers, you most likely run or have run conversion campaigns within the platform.

That is, you send traffic from your ads to your website or landing page in an attempt to have those visitors complete an action. Once they complete that action, it is recorded in the Facebook interface via custom conversions or events.

This allows advertisers to derive a cost-per-action or cost-per-acquisition from the platform, giving them the ability to attribute Facebook internally and thus prove that their marketing dollars are working.

facebook pixel diagram to understand how ios14 is impacting facebook conversion campaigns

The issue with the iOS 14 update is that it poses limitations for apps (like Facebook) and their passing of data through external domains. This in return affects how advertisers are able to run ads and pass conversion or web data back to Facebook for reporting and optimization.

So you are running Facebook ads with the conversion objective, here’s what you need to do to maintain success despite iOS 14’s limitations:

>Verify your domain(s)Select eight conversion events for your domain.Choose your ad set attribution window.Rely more on

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Title: 5 Steps to Keep Your Facebook Ads Working in iOS 14
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